Italian baseball team parodies “Major League,” adds racism


Watch now as a very funny concept for a parody commercial, starring an Italian baseball team, veers into an incredibly uncomfortable and racist area.



As Ted Danson and Julianne Hough both discovered…don’t go there.


Otherwise it’s a cute commercial. It reminded me I haven’t watched Major League lately. I think I’ll download it.

Sadly, the spot also reminded me of Al Jolson. And I try very hard never to be reminded of Al Jolson.

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  • Michele Gallerani

    YOU DID NOT UNDESTAND NOTHING!!!! YOU HAVE NOT GOT NOTHING!!! Do you know what does it mean acting? This is a tribute to Major League, a simple parody! Do you know what is a parody? Probably you don’t know and probably you must return to school to study again! Acting, sometimes, means you have to make-up, if you want to repeat the screen. This is a simple stage make-up. WE ARE NOT RACIST. Probably, trying to explain this video like a racist video, YOU ARE!!!!

    • Aaron Somers

      Michele, while we appreciate the comment there’s no need to yell at Dan for interpreting the video as having some racist undertones. In fact, he’s hardly the only writer and we’re hardly the only site to take such an approach to that aspect of this video. And in no way, shape, or form was he inferring that the Italian people are racist.

      We know it was a parody. Besides that one piece, it was a parody that was well done.