Mar 11, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig (66) signs autographs prior to the game against the Kansas City Royals at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Yasiel Puig demonstrates his cricket bat flip

Cricket purists may want to avert their eyes as Dodgers superstar Yasiel Puig demonstrates his cricket bat flipping form.

Please Australian cricket fans, don’t be offended by this display of wanton bat flipping.

We don’t need any international incidents being set off here. Don’t take Yasiel Puig’s bat flip as a sign that baseball players and fans don’t respect your game.

On the contrary, we greatly respect it. We don’t really understand it very much, but we respect it.

To be honest, the whole thing looks weird. What’s the wicket for again?

Oh forget it, cricket will always remain completely befuddling.

Don’t take this wrong way Aussies, but the best thing that ever happened to cricket was, it evolved into baseball.

And yes, baseball evolved into a sport where players flip the bat after they hit it.

Deal with it.

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  • beskar

    Baseball is certainly a simpler game than test cricket. For a simpler nation, I guess!

    • otoolej11


  • Will

    Baseball-simple minded game for simple minded people – deal with it.

  • Michael Affleck

    Well, yes, I do take it the wrong way actually. For starters baseball didnt evolve from cricket, it evolved from rounders, an English village game that predated modern cricket in any case. Secondly. the idea that baseball is superior to cricket in any way shape or form is just laughable. Cricket is a game of infinite complexity, the closest thing to chess played on a sports field, baseball involves whacking a ball with a bat and then running for your life. Having played both at school, I know what I’m talking about. And thirdly, we didnt ask for this MLB game that’s being played here, it was cooked up by marketing types with no appreciation of how offensive it is to Australians to see one of our most sacred grounds defaced for the sake of an alien game that has minimal appeal here. We do not expect to see cricket games played at Yankee Stadium, and these games should have been played at another venue.

    • Travis Honeycutt

      And baseball isn’t complex? It’s hardly just hitting a ball and “running for your life.”

      • Michael Affleck

        I know it isnt, I played it at school and enjoyed it, but my heart is with cricket, its in my DNA. I just wanted to make the point that we love our game, it means everything to us, it has an immensely long tradition, and we expect it to be treated with respect, just like you would expect your game to be treated with respect,

  • Lachie W Morton

    Dan Zinski, the fact that you think baseball is a superior game to cricket only highlights your ignorance.
    A game of cricket has so many more facets than baseball. There is grace in the beautiful timing of a cover drive, there is the raw power of a six knocked over the bowlers head, there is the terrifying pace of a fast bowler, and the mysterious arts of spin bowling. There is the constant contest between bat and ball, the suspense and anticipation at in knowing that any mistake can cost a batsman his innings. There are innings of pure class to win a match, or hard ugly determination to salvage a draw. These are things the baseball fan will never know and can never love. A game for men of character, who take pride in representing their nation, not steroid injected boys looking to hit a ball for a buck.

  • Aaron Somers

    I will completely refrain from any comments about cricket because, yes, I simply do not understand the game. I never have had the opportunity to watch a full match, to play it, or to truly have it properly explained to me. I know very little about the game. I will ask, however, where such disdain for baseball comes from? There is a professional baseball league in Australia after all. I know it’s hardly as popular a sport but it is still one that is generally received well there, is it not?

    Is this vitriol really directed at the game and at Major League Baseball for bringing it to Australia? Or are you just frustrated with Dan’s comments towards cricket?

    • Lachie W Morton

      Dan’s disrespect to one of the most popular sports in the world, his ignorant comment that the best thing about cricket was that evolved into baseball, and signing off with “Deal with it” . We find this smacks of American arrogance and we feel the need to defend our game, by pointing out how superior it is to baseball.

    • Scott M

      Hi Aaron, some of the vitriol would probably stem from the author’s statement of “deal with it” at the end of the article. Um…okay, I’ll try to. Nobody cares how these players use a cricket bat and no one cares if they flip the bat. Seemed a pointless and arrogant statement to make. Also, the American players (particularly the Dodgers) walked into Australia like they were kings and ignored fans who were there to see them, heavy handed security and stuff like that. Hardly a good endorsement for the sport. Worse still, their arrogance becomes embarrassing when you realise that no one even knows who they are.

  • eric

    Typical Americans: “this ain’t murican’? don’t expect us to make an attempt to understand it then.”

  • Captain Cook

    Com’on Aussies, lets not be sensitive. It’s great to see a couple of Cubans play a British sport at the SCG. My only feedback for Dan Zinski is the cricket bat flip is not new to Australia (or offensive). It actually is cemented in one of the greatest sporting moments in Australian cricket. I refer you to Australia versus New Zealand, 1981 at the MCG… Enjoy