Video: Whiny little kid rewarded with free baseball

This video encapsulates everything that is wrong with the world today.

This little bratty kid at the Dodgers exhibition game in Sydney Wednesday night wants a baseball but no one will give him a baseball. So what does he do? Makes ugly crying face until someone gives him a baseball.

And it works.

The kid got his baseball. Which he probably took home and threw right at his sister’s face.

That’s what comes of reinforcing that kind of behavior.

Now that kid will grow up to be a horrible human being. I can see him twenty years from now pouring out the details of his life to the prison shrink, trying to pinpoint where it all went wrong for him.

In a moment of revelation he realizes, it was when he made ugly crying face and got that baseball.

Had it not been for that, he might have grown up to be a worthwhile human being.

It just goes to show, unless you are an actor on The Walking Dead, nothing good ever comes of making ugly crying face.

Shun the kid making ugly crying face. It will help build his character.

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