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Mets fail: Dice-KKK tweet leads to laughter, derision


The Mets have been doing a good job social media wise this offseason, with their Mr. Met account and all the hilarity that has resulted from that.

And then they dropped this tweet Monday afternoon out of the blue and their run of good social media behavior came to a screeching halt:

mets dice kkk tweet

That right there is the definition of a social media fail.

Naturally, the tweet was hastily deleted. But screen capping has preserved it for all eternity. So future generations may study the social media gaffe, dissect it, understand its meaning.

Look, everyone knows Twitter is a minefield. You hang out there enough, eventually you are going to put your foot in it.

But Dice-KKK?

I don’t understand how anyone, even the kind of mindless drones employed by teams to run their Twitter accounts, can be that clueless.

If you live in America and have any cultural/historical awareness at all, it shouldn’t even matter what you were intending to type, the sight of three letters K’s back to back should immediately set off bells in your brain.

And it should then take you about two seconds to realize what you just did and delete that.

How does it get through the filter? Because someone is just not clued in.

Obviously, before hiring a social media person, corporations need to make sure those people are versed in cultural sensitivity. There needs to be a course. An immersive course. With reading and stuff.

Reading? I know. Harsh. But sometimes harsh measures are necessary. Especially when you’re up against rank ignorance.

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