Rangers unveil Choomongous, the $26 super hot dog

Fans of slow death can indulge themselves in a new and probably incredibly delicious way this year at Rangers games.

Introducing Choomongous, a $26 ball park hot dog named in honor of Korean outfielder Shin-Soo Choo.

Per the Dallas Observer, Choomongous is made of an all-beef hot dog with Asian-spiced beef, spicy slaw and Sriracha. All on a bakery-fresh bun.

And that’s why it costs $26.

If the Choomongous isn’t enough for you, the Rangers are also introducing bacon-on-a-stick dipped in maple syrup. A Choomongous with a side of bacon-on-a-stick is basically a form of suicide.

Recently, the Diamondbacks also hopped on the murder-food bandwagon in a big way with their D-bat corn dog. But Choomongous makes D-bat look like health food.

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