Mar 28, 2014; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) dribbles around Detroit Pistons forward Josh Smith (6) in the third quarter at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Miami won 110-78. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James wishes he had Miguel Cabrera's contract


Miguel Cabrera‘s new contract with the Tigers is so insane, even other insanely rich athletes are jealous of it.

LeBron James, who isn’t exactly starving, admitted before Friday night’s Heat-Pistons that he is envious of Cabrera’s 10-year, $292 million deal.

“I said ‘wow.’ I wish we (the NBA) didn’t have a salary cap,” James exclaimed via ESPN.

James is currently mulling whether he will opt out of his Miami Heat contract after this season and enter free agency. That decision would be a lot easier, James admits, if the chance of a Cabrera-like deal were on the table.

“I would do it this summer for sure,” James said. “I’d opt out for that.”

Don’t whip out your tiny violin for James quite yet. Despite the NBA’s salary cap, James still makes more money on an annual basis than even the most highly-compensated baseball players.

When you add endorsements, James made $60 million in 2013. Miguel Cabrera isn’t getting close to $60 million in any given year, even with endorsements.

Cabrera might be envious of LeBron’s opportunities for outside-the-game income. I’m sure he’d love to have his face on television every three minutes like LeBron.

His barber would enjoy it, for sure.

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