Mar 23, 2014; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; Washington Nationals left fielder Bryce Harper (34) reacts to being called out at first on a bunt attempt against the New York Mets at Tradition Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Video: Bryce Harper takes knee to the head

Things are going downhill fast in Washington.

Steven Strasburg has already been lit up, serving up a three-run homer in the first to the Mets’ Andrew Brown.

And then it got even worse. In the top of the second, Bryce Harper took a knee to the head while sliding in to second.



Harper was able to stay in the game, but still, a pretty scary moment for Nationals fans.

I can already hear the debates firing up. How can we stop knees from hitting players’ heads?

It’s time for MLB to take a good hard look at the knee-to-head scourge. Something must be done to soften players’ knees.

Or harden players’ heads. Or maybe sliding should be outlawed.

Any way you slice it, between Strasburg serving up a homer in the first and Harper taking a shot to the melon, things have already gotten tense for the Nats.

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