Caller asks dumb Derek Jeter question, gets destroyed by Bruce Drennan

Anyone who spends any amount of time on social media has had one of these moments.

Bruce Drennan just happened to have his moment on the air with the camera rolling.

A caller to Drennan’s Indians pre-game show asks a question about the chances of Derek Jeter joining the team.

You know, the same Derek Jeter who is retiring after the 2014 season?

Drennan responds to this question in a way that is entirely fitting and appropriate.

I sincerely hope that the caller was just trolling. But I suspect he was entirely sincere.

Think about it. Somewhere out there is an Indians fan who actually believes there is a chance of Jeter joining the team.

Poor Bruce Drennan has to take the full force of that guy’s stupidity right in his grill on television.

Look, you always want to be polite with people but, sometimes a guy just needs to be taken down.

Feel for you, Drennan. Feel for you.

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