Don Baylor injures his leg catching ceremonial first pitch

Ceremonial first pitches have occasionally ended in disaster for the person doing the throwing, but seldom do they have such a tragic outcome for the person doing the catching.

And then there’s poor Don Baylor. The Angels coach got into the squat to receive the ceremonial opening day first pitch from former Angels star Vladimir Guerrero and…well, don’t look if you don’t want to see an old man snap his leg.

Well you know what this means. No more ceremonial first pitches. Too dangerous.

Or, if we don’t outright ban the things, at the very least this will mean an age limit on ceremonial first pitch catchers. Nobody over 40 can get down in the squat.

Let’s make that 35, just to be safe.

Poor Don Baylor. He ain’t gonna be walking for awhile.

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