Ryan Braun is now experiencing numbness in the same thumb that saw him miss time last season. (Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports)

Ryan Braun is experiencing thumb issues again

Remember before Ryan Braun had to deal with all the Biogensis troubles during last season that he was also dealing with a sore thumb? Well, according to Adam McCalvy of MLB.com, that thumb is once again creating an issue for the Brewers right fielder. Some insight from McCalvy:

Braun was limited to designated hitter duties for Friday’s Fenway Park opener because of the troublesome nerve between his thumb and forefinger. Braun can manage the pain he experiences when swinging the bat, but now is dealing with numbness throughout his thumb, which led to “crazy bruises and blisters” because he cannot tell how hard he is gripping the baseball for throws.

McCalvy adds that Braun hopes to be back in the field for tomorrow night’s game and added that Braun did consult a hand specialist during this spring.

Here’s Braun on that (via McCalvy):

Asked whether he worried this would bother him indefinitely, Braun said, “I hope not. I’m optimistic that eventually we’ll figure something out. It just kind of is what it is. Everybody deals with different things. I know what the alternative is, and I’m not ready to consider anything like that.”

Now that the matter has returned, Braun could certainly be looking to have to have surgery if the pain and numbness do not subside. The numbness is of concern since that led to the blisters and bruises. Braun cannot feel gripping the bat or ball with that thumb.

McCalvy was not provided any indication the length of any rehab that would be associated with this surgical procedure. You have to assume that it would be a somewhat extended period (at least) since that option appears to be a last resort in the mind of Braun.

Add this from Tom Haudricourt of The Journal Sentinel (Feb. 21, 2014):

“I haven’t dealt with it in the past (before 2013) so obviously I would imagine, as with any injury, there’s a chance of recurrence. So, we’ll try to do what we can to prevent it — use different padding on the bat, different padding in the glove.

“We tried so many different things last year. I think we’ll try the same things this year, but use it more as a preventive matter so it doesn’t occur again.”

Six months of rest certainly didn’t help it. Now, the issues are elevated from what they were last season. I don’t recall reading or hearing if anyone suggested that Braun consult a hand specialist while he was serving his 65-game suspension or even after the 2013 season was over. If this is so, that seems odd especially knowing the team still owes him a boat load of cash.

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