Fan at Pirates-Cardinals game catches ball in popcorn bucket

Being a baseball fan sometimes requires you to make tough choices.

Consider this scenario: A foul ball is headed toward you in the stands. You want to catch the foul ball – because OH MY GOD A FREE BASEBALL – but your hands happen to be occupied right this minute by a large tub of popcorn.

What do you do? Hold onto the popcorn and possibly lose your chance to catch the baseball, or put down the popcorn and fulfill your destiny as one of the thousands and thousands of people who have caught a baseball at a game, possibly losing the popcorn in the process?

Are you kidding? Catching a baseball is the ultimate thrill (way better than, say, childbirth or first love). On the other hand, you did pay something like fifteen dollars for the popcorn. If you set down the popcorn, it could get spilled all over the ground. That’s a lot of money to waste.

But then again, baseball.

This quick-thinking fan at Friday night’s Pittsburgh-Cardinals game found the perfect solution to the conundrum outlined above: he used the bucket to catch the baseball.

This way you catch the ball without having to possibly sacrifice all your popcorn in a spill or steal scenario.

Sure, some of the popcorn is wasted when the ball splashes into the bucket, but some of the popcorn is saved. And you get to be on TV in the bargain.

And they also mention you on blogs. Win-win-win.

So much win.

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