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Book review: Playing Catch With Destiny

Playing Catch With Destiny is a biography written by Michael Williamsen based on the life of minor-league pitcher Matt Bruback. It is universally intended for baseball fans as it exposes Major League Baseball’s and affiliates’ financial injustice, verbal abuse, and well-being neglect for their source of revenue, the players.

Playing Catch With Destiny is no ordinary biography with its engaging plot captivating the audience from the onset and never wavering. The storyline is riveting and readers will be in awe with how Matt Bruback’s career was tampered with in order to conceal a business facet of baseball that MLB did not want disclosed. The story stays on course following this plot while new problems arise simultaneously.

Reality seeps in, and even with his Major League caliber numbers, Matt Bruback was not destined to fulfill his childhood aspirations of becoming a big-league star. As fate would have it, Bruback found his new intended calling while still pursuing his MLB career.

Matt came upon a discovery. That discovery potentially launched the opportunity to help millions of children with sensory disorders. The Miracle and Sensory Belt  help reinforce proper balance and can be a life-altering contraption.

The Miracle Belt™ is a pediatric weighted therapy belt which has been proven to promote self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. Within minutes of wearing the Miracle Belt™ your child will feel more grounded, focused, and secure!

The Miracle Belt™ is a pediatric weighted therapy belt specifically designed for infants and children weighing less than 75 pounds. The Sensory Belt™ is a larger weighted therapy belt designed for children, teens, and adults weighing more than 75 pounds.

The Miracle Belt™ is being used by parents, teachers and therapists in all 50 states and over 30 countries. Over 10,000 children have been helped so far by the Miracle Belt™. Children have walked for the first time, reached milestones not thought possible, and have even been mainstreamed within a few months of regular use of the belt.

After being treated so inexcusably by Major League Baseball, Matt Bruback’s decision to give up on his dream to ameliorate the community and dedicate his life to helping kids with sensory disorders is truly admirable. It is a beautifully written story filled with twists and turns. The truth lying within these pages should not be ignored, and word of this device needs to be spread because it has a legitimate chance of making a difference.

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