Tony Campana loses fly ball thanks to seagulls


I’ve heard of a guy losing a ball in the lights, losing a ball in the moon, losing a ball in white shirts in the stands…but losing a ball in flock of seagulls?

This apparently is what happened to Tony Campana Thursday night in San Francisco. The Diamondbacks centerfielder looked skyward in search of a Brandon Crawford fly ball, and all he saw was seagulls.

Meanwhile, the ball he was looking for dropped to the grass about fifteen feet away from him.



I love Bob Brenly trying to give Campana a little help by suggesting the wind might have fooled him.

No Bob. Clearly it was the seagulls. He looked up and saw all these white things moving around, and for a second he couldn’t tell what was a seagull and what was the ball.

Luckily for Campana, he didn’t get a big glob of seagull poop right in his eye. Cause that could easily have happened.

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