Jose Abreu loses grip on bat, destroys phone box


Jose Abreu is just wrecking things. I don’t mean that metaphorically. His powerful swings are literally destroying objects.

The other day, Abreu hit a foul ball so hard that it actually knocked the cover off the ball. Is this guy Roy Hobbs or something?

On Saturday, Abreu’s destructive tendencies came out again. Here he loses the handle on his bat and the bat goes flying…right into a phone box.



And that is now a busted phone box. Thanks to Jose Abreu and his slippery hands.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a fan, I’d be terrified of sitting near the field with Abreu at the plate.

This guy is a danger to everything and everyone around him. Someone is going to get a ball or a bat right in their face one of these days. And it is going to hurt.

By the way, gotta love those White Sox throwbacks. Oh my goodness are those amazing uniforms.

They should go to those unis full time. Those are absolutely the best.

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