Video: Nick Swisher gets mad at the wind

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump when Lieutenant Dan got all mad at God and was up on the shrimp boat mast screaming at the storm?

Nick Swisher felt a little bit like that Saturday in Chicago.

The wind got really really bad in the Windy City. A particularly nasty gust happened to blow up just when Nick Swisher’s drive was seemingly headed for the left field seats.

And the drive got knocked down. Much to Mr. Swisher’s dismay.

Sorry Nick, but yelling at the wind, that’s about as worthwhile as yelling at an umpire.

An umpire won’t give you a call just because you yell at him. And the wind won’t stop knocking your home runs down just because you get angry.

But if it makes you feel better to get all upset, sure, whatever.

Just don’t be climbing any shrimp boat masts in the middle of hurricanes like Lieutenant Dan. That’s dangerous.

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