Jun 21, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics center fielder Coco Crisp (4) celebrates his tenth inning base hit that scored first baseman Alberto Callaspo (not pictured) that defeated the Boston Red Sox 2-1 at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

CttP's MLB Power Rankings 6/23/2014

Another eventful week of changes within the standings, and this week was instrumental in solidifying buyers and sellers for the trade deadline. Some teams that were blazing hot last week noticeably cooled down this week, and vice versa.  Without further adieu, here are this week’s updated power rankings.

30. Tampa Bay Rays (31-46)

Last Week’s Rank: 30

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

Despite improving slightly this week, it is not enough to remove the Rays from the fate of being the worst team in baseball. This begins to solidify the Rays as prime sellers at the deadline, as they may even have more assets than other main sellers, such as the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres. The Rays will take on Pittsburgh and Baltimore this week respectively, making it a difficult week for the struggling Rays.

29. Arizona Diamondbacks (32-47)

Last Week’s Rank: 28

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

Another rough week from the D-Backs, who have officially put themselves into tank mode, losing hope of being able to recover this year. Arizona should sell fairly well at the deadline, and anticipate an opportunity to come back to earth in 2015. Cleveland and San Diego await the lowly Diamondbacks this upcoming week.

28. San Diego Padres (32-44)

Last Week’s Rank: 29

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

The Padres put up a modest week this past week, but it’s not enough to change the pace of the last ranked offense in the MLB, which continues to be the Achilles heel for a team with a strong pitching staff. San Diego should look to acquire young hitting prospects at the deadline, especially with a healthy supply of trade assets. The Giants and Diamondbacks are the Padres competition this upcoming week.

27. Houston Astros (33-44)

Last Week’s Rank: 22

Last Week’s Record: 1-5

A very embarrassing week for the Astros, dropping five of six, including three of four to the Rays, a series that was quite attainable for a team that was playing substantially better prior to this week. While the Astros had no real playoff hopes, this week puts a sustainable blow into the confidence of the young Astros team. With the Braves and Tigers this week, it only gets harder for the Astros.

26. Chicago Cubs (31-42)

Last Week’s Rank: 27

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

The Cubs actually gain a spot, despite somewhat slowing down what has been a fairly successful June for the Lovable Losers. Moving forward, the Cubs look to deal starting pitching in search of more pitching prospects. The Cubs will go on to face Cincinnati and Washington this week to finish out the home stand.

25. Chicago White Sox (35-41)

Last Week’s Rank: 24

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

Despite a great start to the week with a two game sweep against the Giants, the White Sox took a quick fall with a four game sweep in Minnesota. Losing four straight against a big division rival, especially when the division is still quite close, takes a significant blow to the South Siders’ playoff hopes. Facing Baltimore and Toronto on the road this week will continue to make things difficult for the White Sox.

24. Colorado Rockies (34-41)

Last Week’s Rank: 18

Last Week’s Record: 0-6

An awful week for the Rockies, as they followed up sweeping the Giants on the road by having a winless week. Granted, the Dodgers and Brewers have been quite successful this year, but losing this week puts the Rockies a huge step back in the very close National League Wild Card race. The Cardinals and Brewers await the Rockies this week, and with both teams playing well, it doesn’t look bright for the Rockies.

23. Philadelphia Phillies (34-40)

Last Week’s Rank: 25

Last Week’s Record: 5-2

The Phillies fared quite well this week, particularly against the division rival Braves, picking up a three game sweep, and would later split a four game set with the Cardinals, bringing the Phillies right back into the mix for the NL Wild Card race. The Phillies have plenty of trade chips and will most likely be sellers at the trade deadline. The Phillies have an eight game week this week, all within the division, playing the Marlins and Braves at home.

22. New York Mets (35-41)

Last Week’s Rank: 26

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

The Mets put up a decent week, and one that may have very well saved Terry Collins’ job. The Mets don’t have any real promise for this season, but with a very strong contingency of pitching prospects, they can pick up very promising prospects at the trade deadline. With Oakland and Pittsburgh this week, it will get a bit more difficult for the Mets to stay decent.

21. Texas Rangers (35-40)

Last Week’s Rank: 17

Last Week’s Record: 1-5

A fairly rough week for the Rangers, losing five straight to end the week. With this, the Rangers are starting to look as if their championship window is closing very quickly. This starts to make them look like clear sellers at the deadline, even with a very weak American League this season.

20. Boston Red Sox (35-41)

Last Week’s Rank: 23

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

An on and off week for the BoSox, and enough to bring them up a few spots in this week’s rankings. The Red Sox are committed to being buyers at the deadline, and have the veterans and experience to make another playoff run this year. The BoSox hit the road to play the Mariners and Yankees this week, and need another big week to get themselves back in it.

19. Miami Marlins (37-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 10

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

The Marlins had been looking very good up until this past week, and dropping quite a bit recently hurts their chances of making playoffs. Losing a series at the home to the Cubs hurt their very good home record. With four in Philadelphia against the red hot Phillies, the Marlins will need to figure something out to get back into the race in the NL East.

18. Minnesota Twins (36-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 21

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

A lopsided week for the Twins, who opened up getting swept by the Red Sox in Boston, but closed by sweeping the division rival White Sox in four games at home. The Twins are looking to get themselves back into the AL Central race, which remains extremely close. The Twins have the Angels and Rangers this week, and will have to get wins on out of division teams in order to continue climbing in the division.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (37-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 14

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

A mediocre week for the Pirates, and it was in a week where they needed a bit more than mediocre to jump back into the scene in the NL Central. The Pirates will most likely be buyers, and it’s certainly too easy to quit on Pittsburgh. With Tampa Bay and the Mets coming up this week, the Pirates have a chance to take advantage of lesser teams to improve.

16. Cleveland Indians (37-39) 

Last Week’s Rank: 16

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

The Indians stay idle despite a less than stellar week in Cleveland. They still find themselves in the midst of the division race, and have plenty of time to recover their current deficit. The Indians may very well be deadline buyers, and can exploit the weaknesses of Arizona and Seattle this upcoming week.

15. Cincinnati Reds (37-37)

Last Week’s Rank: 20

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The Reds have won seven of ten and are getting themselves established in the NL Wild Card race. A team that has been competitive within the last few years is finally finding ways to overcome early season adversity, and with the Cubs this week, the Reds can further their recent hot streak.

14. Seattle Mariners (40-36)

Last Week’s Rank: 19

Last Week’s Record: 5-2

The Mariners had a nice week, but playing the Padres for four games helped quite a bit, even when losing two of those. A weekend sweep of the Royals in Kansas City substantially improved their record, and Seattle is looking to buy big at the trade deadline. Boston and Cleveland await the Mariners as competition.

13. New York Yankees (39-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 15

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The Yanks put up a decent week, which unfortunately for New York, involved them losing their final two games of the week. Regardless of this, the Yankees are right back in the race for the AL East, and look to buy big at the deadline to make a pennant run.

12. Baltimore Orioles (39-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 12

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The Orioles benefited from a somewhat easy week, having the advantage of facing the Rays. While it was an above .500 week, and one that helps the Orioles get rid of some of the negative media attention they’ve received in recent weeks, the O’s need more to take over the AL East. Luckily enough for the Orioles, they face the White Sox and the Rays this week, giving them a true chance to take 1st place in the AL East.

11. Atlanta Braves (38-37)

Last Week’s Rank: 7

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

A very bad week for the Braves, and an untimely one for that matter, losing five of seven to division rivals Washington and Philadelphia. The inability to score for Atlanta makes picking up another bat a pressing need for the team at the trade deadline, and one that will most likely be pursued. The Braves will take on the Astros and Phillies on the road this week.

10. Kansas City Royals (39-36)

Last Week’s Rank: 3

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

The Royals had been on an insane hot streak, and have lost four straight since, severely hurting their momentum, including getting swept by the Mariners in Kansas City. The Royals are still very much in position to take a playoff spot, but should look to add a power bat at the trade deadline. The Royals have a Dodgers and Angels west coast swing this upcoming week.

9. Los Angeles Angels (41-33)

Last Week’s Rank: 9

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The Angels continue to put up consistent above .500 baseball, and while it may not be enough to win the division, it should be enough to capture one of the American League Wild Card spots. For a team that has waited quite some time to be competitive with a main core of talent, this year may finally be the year for the Angels to qualify for the postseason. Minnesota and Kansas City await the Angels on the road.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (42-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 6

Last Week’s Record: 1-5

Another bad week for the Jays, and another drop in the rankings. Battling more adversity, the Blue Jays’ lead in the AL East has significantly diminished. The Yankees and White Sox will visit Toronto this week, and this may be the most important week of the first half, to get back into their winning ways moving into the All-Star break.

7. Washington Nationals (39-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 13

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

Significant improvement after a rough finish to last week for the Nats. As has been predicted throughout the past few years, the Nationals are finally starting to emerge as a National League power. Much stronger play is still needed to take control of the NL East. The Nats will take on the Brewers and the Cubs on the road this week looking to further improve their record.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (41-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 2

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

While not a bad week by any stretch of imagination, the Cards were in need of a bit more in order to get right back into the race in the NL Central. While gifted with much more experience, the Cards still have not played up to expectations at all this year, and with this recent hot spell, it’s conceivable that it will happen. A western swing against the Rockies and Dodgers on the road will serve as a valid test for the Cardinals.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers (42-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 11

Last Week’s Record: 5-1

The Dodgers have been among the hottest in baseball recently, and feeding off the energy of Clayton Kershaw’s  no-hitter, the Dodgers have emerged as a true contender, and are beginning to look like the NL West favorites they were expected to be. The Dodgers will have a Missouri week, playing both the Royals and Cardinals, which will serve as a strong challenge to the current hot streak.

4. Detroit Tigers (40-32)

Last Week’s Rank: 8

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

The Tigers have rediscovered first place, and ended the week very strong, sweeping the Indians in Cleveland. Detroit is looking for another pennant run, and has a lot to try and gain at the trade deadline, despite having a weaker farm system. The Tigers will go to Texas to face the Rangers and Astros on the road this upcoming week.

3. San Francisco Giants (45-30)

Last Week’s Rank: 5

Last Week’s Record: 2-3

The Giants did nothing extraordinary, but by establishing a nice recovery to a very rough cold spell, they are putting some momentum into pulling away in the NL West. The Giants will go back home to play the Padres and Reds this week, giving them a grand opportunity to get back on the right track.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (47-30)

Last Week’s Rank: 4

Last Week’s Record: 6-1

The Brewers are back. Winning six of seven this week and four in a row, Milwaukee is looking as if the expected downfall will not happen. One of the most balanced teams in the league, they are starting to run away with the NL Central, and are looking stronger now than they were at the beginning of the season. They will head back to Milwaukee to face the Nationals and the Rockies, leading many to believe this hot streak will only continue.

1. Oakland Athletics (47-29)

Last Week’s Rank: 1

Last Week’s Record: 5-2

The A’s continue to be the hottest team in baseball, something they’ve been able to accomplish this entire year. The only team with no gaping holes, the A’s appear as if they’re running away with the league, and with the Mets and the Marlins awaiting them this week, the A’s are expected to just cruise by.


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