Call to the Pen's American League All-Star team

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With yesterday’s reveal of Call to the Pen’s NL All-Star team vote, today we’ll do the same for the host American League. Just a recap of how the voting was conducted.

Staff members of Call to the Pen were provided ballots. The ballots were strictly of the “write-in” variety. Writers could vote for any player at any position. They were not bound by the official ASG ballot as provided by MLB. Each writer could vote for only one player per position. Outfield was an exception where three players were named. The final results were simply based on the player(s) that received the most votes.

A total of a dozen ballots were submitted by the staff.

Unlike the vote in the National League, there were a couple of instances with the AL vote where a player’s position on the field versus that of the ballot may have come into play. I don’t think you would have to think too hard in order to come up with at least two such players.

As was the case for the NL squad, the AL team will also result in an actual ballot being cast on In fact, those already have been submitted.

Here’s our American League All-Star team selections.

All stats used are as of the end of games played on Saturday, June 28th.

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