Jun 29, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw (22) throws in the 5th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

CttP's MLB Power Rankings: 6/30/2014

As the trade deadline approaches, the gap between buyers and sellers gets even larger, and with a streaky week across the board for all teams, some drastic change will take place for this week’s power rankings. Therefore, let’s get started.

30. Philadelphia Phillies (36-46)

Last Week’s Rank: 23

Last Week’s Record: 2-6

In an eight game week, the Phillies did not play according to plan, and it showed in ugly fashion. Losing eight of their last ten, the Phillies have lost whatever hot streak they had, and it was capped by being victim to a four game sweep by the Braves in Philadelphia. The Phillies will try to piece it back together against the Marlins and Pirates on the road this upcoming week.

29. Tampa Bay Rays (35-49)

Last Week’s Rank: 30

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

Finally enough to leave the cellar, the Rays were able to finally put together a decent week. which included taking three of four from the Orioles in Baltimore, which helps solidify the Rays into the “spoiler” role of sorts. Tampa Bay will look to continue their better play in the Bronx and Detroit this week, presenting perhaps a much larger challenge.

28. Arizona Diamondbacks (35-49)

Last Week’s Rank: 29

Last Week’s Record: 3-2

The D-Backs benefit from having a five game week, and were able to play quite well, taking two of three from the rival Padres. While it is still a lost season in the desert, there is no good in tanking, as this is a team that when healthy, looking forward to next year, can compete for a playoff spot. Arizona sees Pittsburgh and Atlanta on the road this upcoming week.

27. Colorado Rockies (36-46)

Last Week’s Rank: 24

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

The very poor play in the Rocky Mountains continues, as the Rockies have now lost eight of ten, and are not finding any ways to execute their lively offense. For a team that once looked like contenders, this pre-deadline collapse has virtually destroyed any hopes of Colorado competing this season. It doesn’t get easier, as the Nationals and Dodgers await the Rockies as opponents this week.

26. Chicago Cubs (34-46)

Last Week’s Rank: 26

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

Another mediocre week for the Cubs, a team that has actually played .500 baseball for the past month or so. Yet after a dismal 9-16 April, all hopes were crushed for this year’s Cubs team. The North Siders split a four game set with Washington and dropped two of three to the Reds, all of which was at Wrigley. The Cubs will see the Red Sox and Nationals on the road this week.

25. San Diego Padres (35-47)

Last Week’s Rank: 28

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

A decent week for the Padres, which started off great, taking two of three from the collapsing Giants in San Francisco, and then would drop two of three to the Diamondbacks at home. The Padres are looking to move the few trade chips they have, and will also look to have another decent week, taking on the Reds and Giants at home.

24. Houston Astros (36-47)

Last Week’s Rank: 27

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

The Astros recovered from an awful week, and are again, seeing signs of what will make this team very competitive in the near future, still reaping the benefits of Jose Altuve’s outstanding season. Houston dropped two of three to the Braves, and later picked up two of three from the division leading Tigers at home, giving a nice end to a mediocre week in Houston. The Astros will take on the Mariners and Angels this week.

23. Texas Rangers (37-44)

Last Week’s Rank: 21

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

One of baseball’s more depressing stories this season, the Rangers have suddenly lost their ability to compete in the tough American League West, and it does not appear like much will change in Arlington anytime soon. The Rangers will visit Baltimore and New York this week to take on the Orioles and Mets respectively, and look to start a turnaround in what is overall, a very weak league.

22. New York Mets (37-45)

Last Week’s Rank: 22

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

While not a pretty week by the Mets, an even worse week by the Phillies allows the Mets to stay idle in this week’s power rankings. New York finds themselves in a position to where one hot stretch can get them right back into the race in the National League East, yet it just seems a bit unlikely in New York at this point. The Mets face the Braves and Rangers this week.

21. Minnesota Twins (37-43)

Last Week’s Rank: 18

Last Week’s Record: 1-5

An abysmal week by the Twins leaves many questions unanswered, mostly revolving around their rather pedestrian pitching staff, one that looked to be completely revamped in the offseason. The Twins were swept by the Angels and later lost two of three to the lowly Rangers. Minnesota looks to recuperate this week in Minneapolis, taking on the Royals and Yankees.

20. Miami Marlins (39-43)

Last Week’s Rank: 19

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

Perhaps the most embarrassing event for the Marlins this week was splitting a four game set with the struggling Phillies, and things would not get better, enduring a sweep at the hands of baseball’s best Oakland Athletics. While the latter isn’t much to be ashamed of, taking one of the games at home against Oakland could have made a strong statement. The Marlins await the Phillies and the Cardinals this week.

19. Cleveland Indians (39-42)

Last Week’s Rank: 16

Last Week’s Record: 2-3

The Tribe have lost seven of their last ten, and while this week fared slightly better, they need quite a bit more to get themselves back into the race in the American League Central. With the Dodgers and Royals awaiting the Indians this week, this can be extremely vital for Cleveland moving forward into the All-Star Break, that this week goes well.

18. Chicago White Sox (39-44)

Last Week’s Rank: 25

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

It wasn’t an extravagant week on the South Side, and their rather large jump in the rankings is more so a byproduct of other teams’ recent futility. Regardless, taking three of four in Toronto was a big step forward for a team that was struggling deeply. This week, the Sox look to stay hot, facing the Angels and Mariners at home.

17. Boston Red Sox (38-44)

Last Week’s Rank: 20

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

A .500 week for the Red Sox isn’t exactly what the doctor prescribed, but it’s a step closer to the right path, and taking two of three in the Bronx helps the BoSox moving toward the deadline. For a team that still strives to be buyers, Boston must have a great finish to the first half and show that they still have what it takes to be contenders in the second half and beyond. The BoSox take on the Cubs and Orioles at Fenway this week.

16. New York Yankees (41-39)

Last Week’s Rank: 13

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

A rough week in the Bronx, which started with losing two of three north of the border, and ended losing two of three at home to the hated Red Sox. The Yanks’ offense appeared to be sleepy and inconsistent this past week, and with a patchwork rotation, the Yankees are in need to add a starter at the deadline. The Rays and the Twins serve as competition in a packed seven game week.

15. Kansas City Royals (42-39)

Last Week’s Rank: 10

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

The Royals are attempting to recreate their hot streak from a few weeks ago which saw them win 11 straight. While a .500 week is not bad by any means, adversity is faced once again with the need to try and regain first place in the AL Central from the Tigers, a team that is once again, starting to struggle. The Royals face the Twins and the Indians on the road this week, giving them a prime opportunity to make a large statement.

14. St. Louis Cardinals (44-39)

Last Week’s Rank: 6

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

Another mediocre week by the Cardinals damages them in this week’s rankings, mostly due to many of the other teams getting hot recently. The Cards are looking to have a strong finish to the first half, as first place in the NL Central is starting to seem more and more out of reach as of late. The Redbirds face the Giants and Marlins to open up the month of July.

13. Baltimore Orioles (42-39)

Last Week’s Rank: 12

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

A week that started out great, and ended on the opposite note. After taking two of three from the ChiSox, the O’s found themselves losing three of four to the Rays at home, a rather embarrassing defeat. While the Orioles still only find themselves 1.5 games out of first place, much more has to be done, as the bats went to sleep this weekend in Florida. Baltimore awaits Texas and Boston as their next opponents.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates (42-40)

Last Week’s Rank: 17

Last Week’s Record: 5-2

A great week for the Bucs, which saw them raise the Jolly Roger five times. The Pirates may be a bit too far out of the race in the NL Central, but are very much players in the NL Wild Card race, and a late first half push can help them play more of a role going into mid-July and beyond. Arizona and Philadelphia will visit the Steel City this upcoming week.

11. San Francisco Giants (46-36)

Last Week’s Rank: 3

Last Week’s Record: 1-6

Whatever mild success the Giants had last week has proven to be a teaser, as a complete collapse on the West Side of The Bay has continued. The Giants have lost four straight and seven of their last ten, and are struggling to find their early season groove that put them in the lead in the NL West, a lead that has now disappeared, as they are merely tied for first. The Giants will see the Cardinals and Padres this week.

10. Washington Nationals (43-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 7

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

Things started off very well, taking two of three from the first place Brewers in Milwaukee, yet splitting a four game set with the Cubs was not the ideal approach to finish their week. Despite this, the Nats finish above .500 for the week, yet still find themselves sitting outside of first place in the NL East. The Rockies and Cubs will visit the Nats this upcoming week, as Washington looks to finish the first half strong.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (45-39)

Last Week’s Rank: 8

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

Toronto would be ranked much higher had they continued the trend they started their week with. After struggling with the Yankees, taking two of three from them at home was a big statement to a fellow division rival and competitor. Yet losing three of four to the already struggling White Sox at home only made matters worse for the Jays, who have still lost six of ten, and are looking to find a way to take the AL East race out of reach. The Jays take on Milwaukee and Oakland this week, making things very difficult north of the border.

8. Cincinnati Reds (43-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 15

Last Week’s Record: 6-1

Cincinnati is Red hot! Ignoring my awful pun, the aforementioned statement is true. The Reds swept the Giants in a four game set in San Francisco, and took two of three from the Cubs at Wrigley. Their only blemish on the week was the gem pitched by Jake Arrieta, where he took a perfect game into the 7th inning. Besides that, the Reds are looking to get back into the NL Central race, and with San Diego and Milwaukee this week, their opportunity is grand.

7. Seattle Mariners (44-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 14

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The M’s have taken seven of their last ten, and took two of three from the Red Sox and Indians this week, helping in making the American League West look like the best division in baseball. The Mariners are looking to get a grip on the AL Wild Card race, and with their recent play, it looks like a true possibility. Seattle will take on the Astros and the White Sox on the road this week.

6. Los Angeles Angels (45-35)

Last Week’s Rank: 9

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

Another solid week for the Angels, who are looking like true front runners in the AL Wild Card race. The Halos swept the Twins, but dropped two of three to the Royals in Kansas City. Despite this, a week facing the White Sox and Astros should benefit a team that is finally coming together, with their pitching problems from years’ past dissipating.

5. Atlanta Braves (44-38)

Last Week’s Rank: 11

Last Week’s Record: 6-1

The Braves had perhaps their best week of the season thus far, taking two of three from the Astros, and shutting down the Phillies, winning all four games in the City of Brotherly Love. The bats are finally starting to wake up in Atlanta, and it couldn’t come at a better time, where the addition of another hitter and a rental pitcher can put the Braves in a position to win it all. The Mets and Diamondbacks will visit Atlanta this upcoming week.

4. Milwaukee Brewers (51-33)

Last Week’s Rank: 2

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

The Brewers have cooled off from their red hot week last week, as they played above average ball. The Brew Crew dropped two of three to the Nationals at home, but rebounded to take three of four from the Rockies. Milwaukee has a comfortable lead in the NL Central, and one where consistent play is needed to uphold that lead. The Brewers will visit Toronto and Cincinnati this week.

3. Detroit Tigers (44-34)

Last Week’s Rank: 4

Last Week’s Record: 4-2

The Tigers have won eight of ten, and are finally starting to play more consistent baseball, giving them a more sustainable lead in the AL Central. The Tigers ended this past week on a bit of a rougher note, dropping two of three in Houston. Rebounding won’t be as easy, as they kick off next week with Oakland coming into the Motor City for three games, followed by a four game set with the Rays.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (47-37)

Last Week’s Rank: 5

Last Week’s Record: 5-2

Another great week by the Dodgers has put them in a tie for first in the NL West, and in a way very reminiscent of 2013, the Dodgers are getting hot at the right time. With momentum going the way it is, it appears as if the Dodgers are on the verge of running away with the NL West, but having a strong finish to the first half is quite necessary. Cleveland and Colorado are the upcoming opponents for the Dodgers.

1. Oakland Athletics (51-30)

Last Week’s Rank: 1

Last Week’s Record: 4-1

Do I need to explain? Is there anything about this team that people don’t know? In a year of mediocre baseball, the A’s stand out as the only dominant team, and this trend continues. The A’s have won four in a row and eight of ten, and haven’t showed any signs of slowing down all season. Oakland does have a tougher week with Detroit and Toronto ahead, but with the way the A’s have played this season, it shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

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