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Top Ten Most Expensive MLB Tickets In July

The Major League Baseball season is now halfway done, and the All-Star break is fast approaching. But even this far into the season most teams are still in it as three of the six divisions have teams separated by only single digits. One prolonged winning streak, or a slump could lead to a division shakeup. With that in mind, here are the top ten games in the month of July in terms of average price as compiled by TiqIQ:

1) 7/20 Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price: $194.45 | Get-in Price: $36

Boston Red Sox tickets have been second to only the New York Yankees in terms of average price for the season, so it’s no shock to see them take the top spot with an average price of $194.45. Admittedly, a game with the Kansas City Royals isn’t the most exciting game on the Red Sox schedule, but the get-in price of $36 is near the bottom half of the list.

2) 7/19 Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price: $177.02 | Get-in Price: $45

Surprisingly a second game in this series makes the list as well. This time the average price for Red Sox vs Royals tickets is $177.02 with a get-in price of $45. In terms of opponent this game might actually be a benefit for the Royals schedule. The team is in a tight race with the Detroit Tigers for the division lead, and despite a World Series title last year, the Red Sox have been one of the worst teams in the league this year.

3) 7/26 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants | Avg. Price: $174.38 | Get-in Price: $54

San Francisco Giants tickets are also quite expensive this season. They are one of just four teams with an average ticket price over $100 for the year. It’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the most expensive opponent on the SF Giants schedule this month. The two have a longstanding rivalry, and the Dodgers have recently taken the division lead from the Giants in the NL West. Tickets are averaging $174.38 for the game with a $54 get-in price.

4) 7/27 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants | Avg. Price: $157.74 | Get-in Price: $45

Prices drop to $157.74 for the second game, and have a get-in price of $45. The Dodgers schedule in June wasn’t too much of a challenge. They compiled one of the best records in the league at 18-10 in the month to move to first place in the division. Surprisingly, Dodgers tickets for home games also dropped to the lowest average in the league.

5) 7/26 St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs | Avg. Price: $151.48 | Get-in Price: $50

Speaking of historic rivalries, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals meet for an expensive game at Wrigley Field near the end of the month. Cubs tickets have remained expensive in Chicago despite their poor play, with the average price of the game at $151.48 and the get-in at $50. Having a rival and successful team like the Cardinals in the Cubs schedule certainly helped to increase the price for this one.

6) 7/6 Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price: $138.64| Get-in Price: $35

The Red Sox are on the list once again, but this time facing a division rival. Red Sox vs Orioles tickets are averaging $138.64 with a $35 get-in price. The Orioles have been in the playoff race the last few years, and so far through the Orioles schedule they are second in the AL East.

7) 7/12 Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs | Avg. Price: $129.53 | Get-in Price: $28

It’s another familiar face at number seven, with the Cubs making the list again. This time it’s a game against the Atlanta Braves instead of a division rival. Cubs vs Braves tickets are averaging $129.53 for the game with a $28 get-in price. The Braves have been jockeying for first in the NL East with the Washington Nationals all season, and at this point in the Braves schedule they are just barely in first.

8) 7/19 Cincinnati Reds vs. New York Yankees | Avg. Price: $125.02 | Get-in Price: $14

It wouldn’t be a top ten list without the Yankees, and while they first come in way down at number eight they still squeeze in. This game is one of the few interleague games on the Yankees schedule with the Cincinnati Reds in town. New York Yankees vs Cincinnati Reds tickets are averaging $125.02 for the game with a $14 get-in price. The Yankees have hovered around .500 for most of the season, but are only a few games out of first in the AL East.

9) 7/30 New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers | Avg. Price: $122.29 | Get-in Price: $11

The results on the Texas Rangers schedule probably aren’t what the team thought they’d be at the start of the season. A slew of injuries has forced the Rangers to the basement of the American League, and most likely out of the playoff race. If they had been performing better perhaps Rangers vs Yankees tickets would be higher than the $122.29 average the game is currently at. The $11 get-in price would certainly be higher.

10) 7/7 San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A’s | Avg. Price: $122.11 | Get-in Price: $54

The last game of on the list finally features the best team in baseball. The A’s have far and away been the best team on the list, but Oakland Athletics tickets have been on the cheaper side all year. However, this game will take place at AT&T Park where Giants tickets have been some of the most expensive in the league. With the two teams performing so well, tickets are averaging $122.11 with a $54 get-in price.

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