Trade Deadline Preview: New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees are currently sitting in 3rd place in the American League East. They are, however, just four and a half games behind the division leading Toronto Blue Jays and one and a half games behind the second place Baltimore Orioles. They still have a chance to win the division and now with the second wild card spot have a very good chance at advancing to the post season.

In order to accomplish these feats however they have some weaknesses to cover prior to the post season, actually within the next three weeks before the July 31 trade deadline. Like most teams the Yankees need to look at their pitching and infield and, surprisingly, their offense. The Yanks have the resources to get who they need to fill the holes they are currently playing with. Leaving only the question, will other teams part with the players they should want?

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  • Guillermo Sanchez

    Postseason is one word.

  • Patrick Green

    Good article, Jen. That said, I wouldn’t classify Ichiro a reliable starting outfielder — let alone a star.

    • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

      Thank you Patrick!! And I just want to clarify – I’ve re-read through it twice and I never called Ichiro “reliable”, although he used to be and I said he was an “aging” star which basically means not anymore but if you remember 2001-2010 Ichiro was a HUGE star. In 2001 he was the AL MVP and the ROY! He was an All-Star for 10 straight years and won 10 straight Gold Gloves (plus 3 Silver Slugger Awards over those ten years) yes in the last four he hasn’t done much but that doesn’t make his career any less impressive!! … the guy was a HUGE STAR. They used to have sushi at Safeco – the Ichiroll! I’m serious! I worked a couple of games up there back in like ’04. So I see no problem in call him an aging one because that is exactly what he is!! Just saying! –

      (Hey btw, …any idea who this kid (below) is that is always pointing out every single period or comma I might miss or like of course I know postseason is one word so what? I had to do a bunch of these today and there’s one typo!? Like OMG we are so all gonna die! But it’s getting REALLY annoying that he points out one little mistake every single time I write an article and it has one – it is usually as simple as a comma but I think it’s rude that he publicly points out my mistakes – and ONLY mine. Like REALLY?! I’ve tried contacting him privately but no luck so just curious if you knew anything or if anyone does??)

      • Patrick Green

        I don’t haha. Nevertheless, you’re doing a great job, so don’t let him get to you.

        • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

          Thanks! Its just been bugging me. Literally. Like a fly that will not leave you alone! Lmao! ;-)

  • Matthew Cerino

    Cole Hamels is an ace. He wouldn’t be the number 4 or 5 on the yankees but the # 2 behind tanaka. Also, I don’t think it would be that easy to get him. The phillies could hold onto him if they want to since he is young enough (30) to be the pitcher they build around on their next great team. Which means it would take a hefty haul of prospects to acquire him. Maybe cliff Lee is more in the price range but he’s old expense and injury prone. With what the yankees have, I wouldn’t necessarily tout them as a team to get a very good starter like Hamels.