Trade Deadline Preview: San Francisco Giants

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Its amazing how the span of a month can change the outlook of a team heading towards the trade deadline. The San Francisco Giants certainly know this as the month of June was certainly one that the club wants to forget.  After starting off the season with a record of 36-20, the Giants peaked early in June with a large lead over the National League West, but then settled in for a long swoon through the remainder of the month.

By the end of June, the Giants finished the month with record 10-16 during the month of June and 46-36 on the last day of the month heading into July.  To make things more interesting, as the Giants scuffled along the Dodgers got hot winning 10 out of the next 13 games. By the end of the month the Giants were in second place by a half a game, but still in the hunt for the division.

Early on the club was being powered by the hitting of Hunter Pence and Michael Morse. On the mound the acquisition of Tim Hudson proved to be an early success as he became the anchor to the Giants rotation. However the struggles of Matt Cain and the injuries to Angel Pagan and Brandon Belt showed the apparent areas that the club needs to address come the trade deadline especially at second base which has been a difficult area to fill.

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