Jul 3, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Ben Zobrist (18) in the field against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Giants, Reds, Mariners among teams interested in Ben Zobrist

Most of the attention being paid to the Tampa Bay Rays in recent weeks has been centered on the fate of left-hander David Price, but Ben Zobrist has started to command some attention with the trade deadline rapidly approaching. A few teams have emerged as potential suitors, with Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times noting that the San Francisco Giants appear to be the team most interested in the versatile veteran. Topkin also includes the Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners as potential suitors.

The 33 year old is hitting .269/.354/.405 on the year in 363 PA, with 6 HR and 19 2B. He’s seen time at second base, shortstop, and each of the outfield corners.

Zobrist would likely step in at second base for either the Giants or Reds. San Francisco has seen minimal production at the position all season, but did just activate Marco Scutaro off the disabled list over the weekend. Cincinnati lost Brandon Phillips to a torn ligament in his thumb and he’s expected to be out until at least late August.

With Seattle, however, Zobrist would likely take over at shortstop. The Mariners spent big this past offseason to bring in Robinson Cano to hold down second base and he’s certainly not going to be moved to another position.

It remains to be seen what the Rays will be seeking in return for Zobrist. The club has vastly underperformed this season and has dealt with numerous injuries. Moving forward the only position that would appear to be a certainty for them is third base, suggesting that they could look to simply get the best talent back in return in any deals they complete rather than focusing on a particular need.

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  • metalhead65

    the reds should only be interested if he comes cheap. no way should they trade prospects for a 33 year old second baseman. they are play well right now with what they have and should not give up the farm for a temporary fix. besides he is not a jocketty kind of guy, he never played for the cardinals so that leaves him off the pay whatever it costs list he goes by.

    • Joey

      What does playing with the cards have to do with this? I’m thinking of the Reds lineup and I cant recall one player who’s played for the Cardinals in the past? Your post is awful

      • metalhead65

        are you really that ignorant? ludwick played for the cards,shumaker played for the cards,rolen played for the cards, renteria played for the cards, and they have duncan who played for the cards in the minors. my point is jocketty loves ex-cards and no matter how far past heir prime and over pays them when he signs them or trades for them. so even if this guy came cheap he does not fit the jocketty mold.

        • Joey

          I’m glad he didn’t pull the trigger if a Shields for Alonso/Grandall trade was on the table. That’s a back fire on his part and an unbelievable break for the Rays because we got way more from the Royals. To the main point you said only if Zobrist comes cheap. Remember he’s not just a 2b, He plays all positions at a high level. Switch hits and draws a ton of walks. If he wasn’t valuable then why did Joe Torre put him on the USA WBC team?