Vote: National League MVP for the season’s first half

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Yesterday, we covered the American League. Now it’s time for the National League to get some play. We’ll start with the first-half best player or MVP.

For those that have missed previous posts with such polls (I’ll have links to the three American League posts on the last slide/page of this post), here’s why I went this route.

We see and read a slew of posts where sites state who they feel is the best player, pitcher rookie, etc. around this time of year. Earlier this year, we had posts up for our AL and NL All-Star teams. Those were done by staff vote. I rarely see posts that include a poll for readers to cast their vote and that be it. They may have a poll up for a reader’s vote, but they also have their take on certain “awards”.

That won’t be the case here as our readers will have the say. I will only supply the nominees. Oh, the nominees…

On the following slides (or pages, if you will) I will reveal my top five players for consideration as the NL’s first-half MVP. Let’s review how I came about choosing these five.

Team records and current place in the standings were not taken into consideration. The players I have selected were chosen based on their statistical performances. The poll for you to cast your vote is the final slide/page of this post.

(Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.)

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  • Douglas Bath

    You have several players on losing teams in there. Jonathan Lucroy is headed toward a 7+ WAR season. You know how many catchers have had 7+ WAR seasons in the last 15 years? Two… Mauer and Posey. Guess what award they won those years.

    • Steve O.

      I specifically stated that there was no consideration taken for a team’s placement within the standings or a team’s record. FWIW, I highly considered Lucroy. In fact, if this post had 6 players, he was #6.