Poll: AL's comeback player of the first half of the season

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The comeback player of the year award is an interesting award as it was only adopted by Major League Baseball in 2005. The Sporting News, however, has been awarding players who have comeback from terrible seasons, injuries or even personal issues since 1965. The Sporting News’ Comeback Player of the Year Award is not officially recognized by MLB.

Whichever way you look at it, whoever’s opinion you agree with or disagree with  the Comeback Player of the Year award is an important one. Imagine you had an injury and comeback to an amazing season or are 40-years old, had been on the decline and comeback to win 18 games. Those are accomplishments that should be acknowledged.

I’ve chosen four candidates that I think could be considered for Comeback Player of the Year if the award was given out during the All-Star break. Also listed will be other candidates I would give honorable mention to or could also be considered as having a comeback year.

Take a look at my candidates and vote in the poll for your choice. If you choose “other” in the poll please leave a comment with your choice. Starting on the next page are my choices for A.L. Comeback Player of the first half of 2014,in alphabetical order.

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