Apr 8, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; MLB commissioner Bud Selig speaks during a ceremony honoring the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron

MLB commissioner Bud Selig issues statement on succession process

Today, MLB commissioner Bud Selig issued the following statement concerning the process in choosing his successor (from MLB.com).

“Since discussions began in January about formulating an orderly process for selecting the next Commissioner, I have stated both privately and publicly that my desire was to conduct a thorough, thoughtful and discreet search that includes the input of all 30 Major League Clubs. The seven-member Succession Committee, which was named on May 15th and has been chaired with distinction by Bill DeWitt, has accomplished this goal while working independently to get to the point we are today. While Bill has kept me well-informed, the results of this process are a reflection of the Committee’s work alone, and I have not promoted individual candidates.

“As we approach next week’s vote, I will continue to encourage Clubs to voice their opinions within the confines of this process. Reports of personal animosity between Jerry Reinsdorf and me — or any other alleged disputes between owners regarding the process or the candidates — are unfounded and unproductive. I respect the ownership of our 30 franchises and have complete faith that the process will produce an individual that all in Baseball will be eager to support.”

Reportedly, the alleged “riff” that had Selig and Reinsdorf at odds could be related to the notion that the committee (or other parties involved in the process) was less willing to discuss potential successors other than Rob Manfred. Numerous reports have suggested that Manfred is Selig’s personal choice and Manfred is considered the front-runner.

Apparently Reinsdorf is not on board with Manfred holding the position. Yesterday, Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News opined that Reinsdorf, in numerous efforts to prevent Manfred from receiving the 23 votes necessary to be chosen as the next commissioner, supports Tom Werner of the Boston Red Sox. Lupica believes Werner will never carry the 23 votes that’s needed and Reinsdorf is using Warner. He’s not the only one (from Lupica)…

As one supporter of Manfred’s candidacy said on Thursday, “(Reinsdorf) acting this way doesn’t surprise anybody. What’s surprising is Tom Werner allowing himself to be used this way. Maybe he’s unaware that Reinsdorf bad-mouthed him for years until he decided he needed him.”

Lupica’s piece could have served as part of the purpose for Selig issuing his statement. Add that DeWitt is keeping Selig in the loop just adds a little more to all of this especially if Lupica is receiving the correct intel.

And if Reinsdorf is using Warner as a tactic – as it sounds as if that’s the case – then shame on Warner for letting Reinsdorf use him like a pawn.

Or is this being exaggerated as well?

It’s business, right?
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