MLB series starting today with both teams holding playoff hopes

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As we enter the second full week of August, teams looking to make a major push for the postseason will inevitably square off in an important series. And their opponent in that important series may also hold postseason aspirations.

I know you’ve read and heard it before, but with the addition of a second Wild Card team in each league, the number games on a nightly basis which may have an effect on the postseason are growing and creating more excitement.

Wasn’t that the purpose creating the second Wild Card? It’s worked thus far.

So, we’ll take a quick peek at each of the series that begin this evening, along with the pitching probables (as they are available). The series we look at here will involve those where both teams are still “alive” (no more than five games out of a postseason spot) in the postseason hunt. We’ll also cover why the series holds some importance for both teams.

We’ll adjust the “requirements” as August unfolds.

For today, there are six series where potential playoff teams face each other. In one series, there’s a chance one team may lose their hope should they not at least win that series. You can try to determine which series that is.

Until Friday, there are no other series that involve two potential playoff teams, so bookmark this page as a reference.

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