The Buzz: Women In The Locker Room


It is not every time that a NFL storyline translates into the MLB universe, but their is always an occasional story that can be as controversial or discussed among all the professional sports leagues. In case you missed it, which might I add is highly impossible, Inez Sainz, TV Azteca reporter, came into the national spotlight this week after the New York Jets were probed by the NFL for making “sexual taunts” towards Sainz while she was covering the team. The New York Jets allegedly committed antics towards Sainz both on the field and off the field. The Jets were accused of intentionally throwing footballs towards her direction, as well as directing catcalls to her while she was in the locker room.  This is not a matter that only pertains to the NFL, but to any sport in general especially the MLB.

To begin, I want to point out that female reporters have every right to be in the locker room as male reporters do. Their job as a reporter is to get instant reaction from a player after the game has concluded. It is essential to a reporter, no matter what gender, that they have locker room access before and after a game. Also the ability to be in the locker room, gives the reporter the chance to develop contacts or even sources that go a long way in providing longevity, and credibility to a reporter’s career.

However, I do believe that female reporters have to be responsible for their conduct while they are in a locker room. For instance, it is unprofessional of the female reporter to go into the locker room dressed as if she is going to a “single’s club” and not going to work. It is common sense that a group of highly egotistical men would respond in a sexual to matter to female reporter who is “sexy”, and uses her assets as a way to gain stories. As a reporter, you are not only representing yourself, you are representing the media company that you are working for. Which is why you should be dressed in a professional, conservative manner and not as if you are looking for a date.

Major League Baseball also has had it’s run in with issues regarding females in a team’s locker room. Erin Andrews, of ESPN, conducted herself in what can only be considered unprofessional while covering the Chicago Cubs. While wearing what would be considered to be a skimpy outfit, she felt the need to place her hand suggestively on one of Soriano’s biceps. There is no question that type of behavior from a female reporter should be prohibited. Erin Andrews not only embarrassed herself, but embarrassed ESPN and all female reporters as a whole. And, reporting like that is the biggest reason why this is such a controversial issue, even in the 21st century.

It really is a shame, that in 201o we are still debating whether or not women should be allowed in the locker room. There should be no question to that debate, Women without question should be allowed in the locker room. It is illegal to discriminate against women, and tell them that because you are a female you are not allowed to be in a locker room. But in a society where sex is the biggest marketing ploy, it should not be the same for the world of sports reporting. If a female wants to be a sports reporter, then they should know that they have to conduct their self in a professional matter, and not one that brings attention for the wrong reasons.