Pen Pals: 4 New Writers and 1 Promotion in 11 December Days


I am elated to announce that four new writers have joined the MLB side of the FanSided family since December 1st. Additionally we promoted one of our Contributing Writers to the position of Lead Writer. Three of the five writers were kind enough to share a little about themselves and pick their favorite article they’ve published on their site thus far. I hope you will take the time to get to know a little more about these talented writers after the jump.

Stacy Smith: Nolan Writin’ Lead Writer

Stacy joined our staff on December 2nd and has published 4 columns thus far. Her selected article is the first one she published on Nolan Writin’ on the 2nd: Ian Kinsler Trying to Lure Cliff Lee to Texas with Texts.

Here is a little about Stacy in her own words:

"I am almost 25 years old, am married to the love of my life and have three amazing kids.My true interest and love for the Rangers didn’t really start until recently although when I was younger I would go to games with my uncle and dad. I actually met Charlie Pride at one of those games! Regardless, though, I started a writing gig in the early months of 2010 related to sports and found that I really loved baseball. Of course, I had to love my home team and it just sort of stuck after I wrote my first article about the Rangers.Currently, I am a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom full-time. I live in Southeast Texas but am moving back to North Texas (closer to my team!) at the beginning of 2011. I intend to go to college, get the pre-requisites that I need and start nursing school. During the process, I plan to continue to explore my love for writing in the sports world as well as other areas of interest and possibly pursue a degree in Journalism at some point in time.Whatever I decide to do, I hope to be a part of the FanSided Network and Nolan Writin’ for a long time – and I hope to start writing for a NASCAR blog sometime in the foreseeable future as that is my other favorite sport with Tony Stewart #14 my favorite driver."

Robert Novak: Southside Showdown Lead Writer

Robert actually joined FanSided on October 20th as a Contributing Writer. Based on his excellent work, he was promoted to the position of Lead Writer on December 1st. All told he’s published 32 articles on Southside Showdown including 15 since becoming the site’s lead. His article of choice, Possible Offseason Alternatives To Paul Konerko, was published on October 23rd.

Here is what he had to say about himself:

"I recently turned 20 and am currently at Morton College in Cicero Illinois. It’s a 2 year community college where I am currently taking my prerequisites in order to apply to a pharmacy school in the near future. My goal is to become a licensed pharmacist. I just got my first job as a pharmacy technician a little less than a month ago and I couldn’t be happier or more excited about it. I’m also a huge fan of music and I recently started learning how to play the guitar. Aside from being a White Sox fan I love all Chicago teams (aside from the North Siders) and I also follow the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, and St. Louis Cardinals as well.I became a fan of the White Sox essentially from birth. My mom and grandma are White Sox fans and that’s where it began. I was dressed in White Sox gear while I was only a few weeks old and the first documented pictures of me in White Sox gear came to exist shortly thereafter. I was 1 year old when I went to my first game and have been to countless more since then. I’m a Sox Pride Club member, a future season ticket holder, and will bleed black and white until the day I die."

Ben Borkon: Rising Apple Lead Writer

Ben joined our MLB team just a few days ago on December 8th which makes him our latest addition. He has published 5 articles already including Can Signing Pitchers Not Named Cliff Lee Still Help the Mets?

He took a moment to provide a brief bio:

"Ben Berkon has been a life-long New York Mets fan, but that’s only 90% of the reason he has weekly shock therapy sessions. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2009, works in advertising for Ogilvy & Mather, and resides in Manhattan. In addition, Berkon has contributed to The Onion, Huffington Post,, and has also written various heart-felt poems about former Mets pitcher, Pedro Astacio. Hey, James Joyce had Ireland, and Berkon had Pedro Astacio. Anyway, Ben loves nothing more than to talk baseball–especially Mets baseball–so please visit, and feel free to post comments or drop him a line via email."

Other New Staff:

Brian Cloney: BoSox Injection Contributing Writer (December 2nd)

Nick Carita: Halo Hangout Lead Writer (December 7th)