Feliz’s Role Penned in Ink?


Neftali Feliz of the Texas Rangers has stated that he hopes to remain the club’s closer not only for the 2011 season but for the rest of his career. While speaking with the USA Today Sunday, the former minor league starter was emphatic about his desire to remain a member of Texas’s bullpen.

"“I’m a closer now, and God willing I’ll remain a closer the rest of my career. I made the decision that I won’t start anymore.”"

Feliz is currently on the DL due to a sore shoulder. The injury is one of the reasons the Dominican native is hesitant to return to the starting rotation.

"“The team has told me that next year I would still have the chance to start, but I don’t want to do it anymore,” Feliz said. “This year my arm didn’t feel good after they moved me from the rotation back to closing, so I don’t want to go through that again and risk the same thing happening.”"

While Feliz has yet to start a major league game, that was the fireballer’s primary role in the minors. The Rangers brought Feliz up at the end of the 2009 season and inserted him into their closer’s role in 2010. Feliz flourished, making the All Star game and becoming AL Rookie of the Year. He recorded 40 saves, setting the MLB rookie record.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels has stated that he will certainly take Feliz’s desires and team needs into consideration going forward. While Feliz’s initial comments were insistent, he has since backed off a bit. He and Daniels both seem to agree that the issue will again be discussed this coming offseason.