Odd Ball: Tarp Trouble


Tuesday night offered some great moments including the already mentioned walk off wins, but there were also some strange happenings last evening.

Mother Nature had a hand in two of the events, while a certain catcher had a particularly foul Tuesday.

In this first odd clip, a member of the Colorado Rockies grounds crew is engulfed by the protective tarp during a 7th inning rain delay.

Apparently the crew does not practice the Army Rangers’ motto, ‘leave no man behind’.

The announcers picked up on the event a little after the crowd, who gave the gentleman a standing O once he emerged from the covering.

The other weather related incident occurred in Minnesota, where the game between the Twins and Detroit Tigers was put on hold due to a hail storm that hit the area.

Twins players were determined not to let their 5-0 deficit to the Tigers ruin their fun.  Several teammates are shown on camera trying to catch ice pellets as they fell from the sky.  Gotta do something to pass the time.

I’m sure veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski knows how it feels to have a ball or two fouled off against his body.  However, this experience didn’t deter him from returning the favor to not only the opposing catcher but also the ump in this four pitch sequence.

Pierzynski began the at bat by painfully fouling a pair of pitches off his feet.  A.J. must have wanted others to join him in his agony as he went on to foul two more pitches off against Angels backstop Jeff Mathis and home plate umpire Tony Randazzo.