Cubs Byrd to Begin Rehab Assingment Monday


I don’t know about you but taking a fastball to the face would have me thinking twice about stepping back into a batter’s box ever again.  Apparently this isn’t the case for Cubs player Marlon Byrd.

Byrd returns to live action Monday as he begins his rehab assignment with the Cubs’ Triple-A affiliate.  The 33 year old will wear a special protective flap on his helmet to shield his face.

The center fielder has been on the disabled list for over a month after being hit just under the left eye by Red Sox pitcher Alfredo AcevesThe scary event shook teammates up as it wasn’t immediately known if Byrd’s vision would be impacted.

However, Byrd is back and ready for action.  Cubs’ manager Mike Quade states that he doesn’t believe fear will be an issue for his center fielder.

"“I think that’s part of hitting, no matter what,” Quade said.  “He’s such a tough guy. I don’t worry about that at all. It’s more about his timing. It’s always tough to come back (from an extended absence) like when you left.”"

Quade and the Cubs say that Byrd will return when he is ready.  They want him to be comfortable at the plate, both with his timing and just being back up against live pitching.