Justin Verlander could of won his 25th game Saturday, but he d..."/> Justin Verlander could of won his 25th game Saturday, but he d..."/>

Could Jacoby’s Homer Alter MVP Voting?


Justin Verlander could of won his 25th game Saturday, but he didn’t.  For fans in Detroit, it wasn’t too big of a deal.  It’s not hard to realize the guy had an unbelievable season, and the bottom line is the Tigers are returning to the playoffs for the first time since ‘06.  However, to the MVP voters, Saturday’s no-decision might have opened the door a crack for one of the more traditional candidates.

Enter Jacoby Ellsbury.

With Boston barely holding onto to their ½ game lead in the wild card race, the Red Sox center-fielder smoked a three-run homer in the top of the 14th inning, catapulting his team to victory late Sunday night at Yankee Stadium.

It was a huge knock – it might have saved their season.  It also might of added a nice chunk of votes to his MVP candidacy.

Like a pack of horses, barreling down the stretch at the Kentucky Derby, somebody needed to break free.  Curtis Granderson, Jose Bautista, and Adrian Gonzalez – all these guys are having phenomenal seasons, but how do you pick the one who’s the best, or should I say most “valuable.”

Ellsbury has got the stat line of an MVP.  He’s hitting .322 with 31 home runs and 103 RBIs, so there’s no issue there.

Aside from the clutch homer Sunday night, he was a beast the entire series versus New York.  Ellsbury was 7-15 with three homers and five RBIs, and Boston needed every bit of it to salvage the one victory.

I can’t say this with any level of certainty, but I get the sense voters don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of voting for a pitcher.  I guess voting for a pitcher to win the MVP is sort of like voting for a woman to be President.  But as I said, due to the fact that none of the other candidates could distance themselves from the pack, Justin Verlander was really gaining steam as a frontrunner.

25 victories for Verlander was his magic number – if he had gotten it, I’m pretty sure the award was going to be his.  But since he didn’t get it, and one of the other guys did something very noticeable, it’s a new ball game now.

Getting back to value.  Ellsbury’s homer may have saved Boston’s season Sunday night.  The Red Sox finish up with the Baltimore Orioles, who haven’t seemed to care they’re a last place team lately.  Meanwhile the Tampa Bay Rays are doing everything in their power to stay alive.

If hitting a homerun, that plays an enormous role in keeping your team’s season alive isn’t valuable, I’m not exactly sure what is.  I’m not saying this is Ellsbury’s award now, but his performance this weekend was a pretty big deal.