C.C. Sabathia: Yankees Preparing New Contract Offer for Ace


With C.C. Sabathia’s looming opt-out decision, the New York Yankees are taking a proactive approach to retaining their ace.  Currently meeting in Tampa, Florida, Yankees brass are putting together a new contract offer for Sabathia.  Their idea is to have a deal in place with Sabathia before he opts out of his current deal.

At this point, Sabathia has four years and $92 million left on his contract.  After the World Series ends, a clause in said contract gives Sabathia three days to determine if he would like to opt out of his current deal.  This clause was fought for by Sabathia’s representation to allow the hefty lefty to back out of his deal if pitching in New York proved not to be his cup of tea.

With the deadline approaching, Sabathia has made it clear that he has enjoyed his time in the Big Apple.  By opting out, Sabathia wouldn’t be indicating a desire to leave the Yankees.  Instead, he would be making the decision in order to find a larger contract.

Most likely, the Yankees will provide Sabathia with the big deal he’s seeking.  New York has an obvious need for C.C.’s services, as behind Sabathia the talent level of the Yankees’ rotation quickly drops off.  It’s also not like the Yankees’ have many options beyond C.C.; the 2012 free agent market is lacking in the starting pitching department.

Since this is the case, New York is said to be willing to tack on a few extra years and millions of dollars to Sabathia’s deal.  The Yankees are prepared to go five or six years, but would like to avoid anything more due to Sabathia’s age and physique.  In terms of money, the new deal is expected to be larger than the $23 million per year Sabathia is currently set to make.

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