Spotted: Jose Bautista and David Ortiz in Full Uniform


I think we’ve all been collectively suffering together at not seeing professional baseball players in full uniform. Witnessing these talented gentleman in jeans and T-shirts and stuff is just strange and unsettling, not to mention a lot of them wear pretty ridiculous clothing. Money don’t buy class, you guys! Not to worry though, for sluggers Jose Bautista and David Ortiz hit the streets of Miami yesterday, fully decked out in official MLB attire, giving the desperate among us a beautiful if fleeting glimpse into what we will soon be able to totally take for granted once Spring Training and the Regular Season is underway. Lest you’ve forgotten, here are some pictures of what Ortiz and Bautista look like playing baseball in live action:

The power, the grace, the majesty. The baseballness of it all. And here are what they looked like yesterday on the streets of Miami, hanging out with a dude in a yellow shirt:

Remember these guys? They play baseball for many millions of dollars and are good at it— the hitting part at least. Together, they combined for 79 home runs last season, as well as 317 hits, 210 walks, and 10 stolen bases. Courtesy of Gus Garcia-Roberts from the Miami New Times, the official word is that Bautista and Ortiz were in town to shoot a commercial, and the yellow-shirted fellow was simply an enterprising individual looking to get some team appropriate hats signed. That’s all perfectly boring, but I like to think that Papi and Batts, itching for some baseball related excitement and unable to wait a couple of weeks, decided to get fully decked out and rile up some locals with Yellow Shirt lurking the background as their wingman. Alas, the truth gets in the way. It usually does.

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