2012 MLB Season Preview: Chicago Cubs

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2012 Chicago Cubs Prospects to Watch For

With a bad ballclub, opportunity opens wide for guys who play well in the high minors. If the team is winning 30 percent or so of its games, what do you have to lose by giving some youngster a whirl in the show?

Guys likely to start the season in the minors who may get to make a cameo appearance in the majors include centerfielder Brett Jackson, right-handed pitcher Trey McNutt, and outfielder Matt Szczur. Szczur is playing with the big club in spring training. Anthony Rizzo, acquired from the San Diego Padres, is a first baseman and Baker is definitely not the first baseman of the future. He is a solid hitting utility infielder who could take over third base if Stewart falters. If Rizzo makes a splash he could pass Bryan LaHair and take over first.

Really, though, it doesn’t matter which of these players makes the final roster, starts the year in AAA, or comes up later. The Cubs are a disaster waiting to happen this season.

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