Top-100 Showdown Redux: NL West


Putting together a Top-100 prospect list is a massive undertaking and any site that takes on the challenge deserves to be recognized for their efforts. Just about a month ago I did a 7-part series comparing the lists of six sources – Baseball InstinctMLB.comMLB Prospect PortalProject, and S2S.

Now that I’m done with my portion of our team prospect lists, I can revisit this comparative series by looking at another grouping of Top-100 lists from seven new sources. Just as I did the first time around I will tackle one division at a time and then cap it off with a conclusion piece with some final thoughts and system rankings. The sources I have selected for the showdown “redux” series are:

The NL West had 29 players make at least one of the seven Top-100 lists while 9 of the 29 were consensus selections.

Arizona Diamondbacks [5]

RHPTrevor Bauer911217699
LHPTyler Skaggs13211723112014
RHPArchie Bradley25372924902716
3BMatt Davidson97
RHPDavid Holmberg93

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Bauer, Skaggs and Bradley made all 13 lists I’ve checked out over the two installments of the “showdown” series. Beyond those three however, the D-Backs have only one other prospect – David Holmberg(3) – named on multiple lists. Matt Davidsonand Patrick Corbin also each made one.

Most curious ranking(s): I don’t know if it’s a case of everyone automatically undervaluing anyone drafted by the White Sox (kidding!) or something else, but the lack of support for Holmberg as a Top-100 guy continues to astound and mystify me.

Colorado Rockies [7]

LHPDrew Pomeranz30343121441629
3BNolan Arenado4220381343231
RHPChad Bettis86793786977464
CWilin Rosario876170738050
OFTim Wheeler9747
SSTrevor Story99
LHPTyler Matzek62

Pomeranz and Arenado are the team’s two consensus prospects (13/13) but Bettis (12) and Rosario (9) also get plenty of love. Interestingly enough their young catcher fared much better this time around than last when he made just 3/6 lists. Other Rockies prospects to receive “votes” were: Wheeler (3), Story (1), Matzek (1) and Hector Gomez (1).

Most curious ranking(s): I get that Wheeler strikes out a ton and there are some concerns about his ability to hit LHP but 30-20 seasons don’t grow on trees and he has the draft status and prospect standing to back up those numbers. He’s a no doubt Top-100 guy for me.

Los Angeles Dodgers [3]

RHPZach Lee62706975645382
RHPAllen Webster95969998
RHPNathan Eovaldi968759

Zach Leeran the table on the above, but he didn’t make the cut on the Seedlings to Stars Top-100 and fell just short of being a consensus selection as a result. Webster (7) and Eovaldi (5) were the only other prospects to represent the Dodgers on any list I examined.

Most curious ranking(s): The omission of Lee on our list is a bit out there, especially given his performance as a 19-year old with Great Lakes, but it’s not like a different Dodgers prospect made our list instead. For me he’s a no doubt Top-100 guy, but for Nathaniel he just missed the cut. Incidentally I would also have placed Garret Gould on my list am a little surprised he didn’t wind up in the 90s at least once.

San Diego Padres [12]

1BYonder Alonso33864828353433
OFRymer Liriano495287546949
CYasmani Grandal5338 4342364445
RHPCasey Kelly767851714366
2BCory Spangenberg785887
3BJedd Gyorko985768504596
LHPRobbie Erlin5374793941
RHPJoseph Wieland7481
CAustin Hedges94
RHPJoseph Ross9598
RHPKeyvius Sampson9882
OFJaff Decker69

The Padres lack true upper echelon talent but there’s no questioning the depth of their system. They’ve been well represented with typically around six players in each Top-100 though they had as few as four (TPA) and as many as 10 (BP). Alonso and Grandal were the only ones from their bevy of prospects to make all 13 lists but four others made at least ten – Liriano, Kelly, Gyorko and Erlin. All told 15 different players received at least one “vote” from a source. The three missing from the above that made lists last time around are Jonathan Galvez, Matt Lollis and James Darnell.

Most curious ranking(s): I’m personally a big believer in Keyvius Sampsonand am a bit surprised that he didn’t land on more lists than he did (5/13).

San Francisco Giants [2]

OFGary Brown38185543543538
SSJoe Panik58

Talk about a contrast!

Moving from San Diego – which is arguably the deepest system in baseball – to San Francisco is a little jarring. I know it looks like I failed to finish the table, but I assure you it’s complete and it serves as a partial justification for why the Giants are ranked between 23-28 in the bulk of the farm system rankings.

Obviously Gary Brown is the only consensus player while Panik was named on 3 of 13. Francisco Peguero and Eric Surkamp also each made one list last time.

Most curious ranking(s): Hard to find anything overly curious in the above, but it is worth noting that Baseball Prospectus ranks Brown significantly higher than all other sources which have him in the 34-76 range.


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