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Roy Oswalt Rumors: Oswalt “Prefers” Cardinals; Rangers Not Interested


Here we go.  Those of you who couldn’t get enough of the endless Roy Oswalt-to-somewhere rumors are in for a treat.  With the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals both having significant starters nursing spring training injuries, many in the media have begun churning the Oswalt rumor mill.  Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted yesterday that Oswalt “prefers” the Cardinals.  However, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, neither the Rangers nor the Cardinals have interest in acquiring the veteran right-hander.

In an attempt to stay close to his Mississippi home, Oswalt and his representation made it clear that his top choices this offseason were the Cardinals and Rangers.  However, neither club expressed much interest in Oswalt.

Now, with injury concerns surrounding Neftali Feliz and Chris Carpenter, some are waiting for the Rangers or Cardinals to give Oswalt a call.  Sherman called an Oswalt/Cardinals connection a “marriage that should happen”, and he’s not the only one that feels this way.

Still, Jon Paul Morosi tweeted yesterday that St. Louis and Texas are holding tight and prepared to turn to in-house options instead of signing Oswalt.  The Cardinals have already said Lance Lynn will take Carpenter’s spot in the rotation.  If Feliz’s injury proves serious, the Rangers could turn to Alexi Ogando or Scott Feldman.

If Carpenter’s injury is insignificant and he’s expected to return the first or second week of the season, it makes sense for the Cardinals to go with Lynn as a placeholder.  However, if Carpenter’s diagnosis has him sidelined for the long haul, St. Louis should get on the phone with Oswalt.

At this point neither team needs Oswalt.  However, St. Louis has the potential to need Oswalt more than the Rangers.

Do you think either team should jump on Oswalt now, or do you think they should go with in-house alternatives?

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