speaking with reporters yesterday, speaking with reporters yesterday,

Josh Hamilton Open to Signing with Rangers During Season


While speaking with reporters yesterday, Josh Hamilton said it would be “miraculous” if he reached a contract extension with the Texas Rangers before Opening Day.  Though he doesn’t see an extension likely in the next week, Hamilton did say he’s willing to negotiate and even sign a deal with the Rangers during the regular season.

Much has been made of Hamilton’s negotiations, or lack thereof, with the Rangers this offseason.  It initially appeared that both sides would engage in serious discussions this spring.  These plans were offset and ultimately tabled by Hamilton’s recent relapse.

Hamilton later came out and said that he didn’t feel he owed the Rangers anything.  While he clarified his statements, the sentiment is that the slugger is not extremely willing to give Texas a hometown discount.  Hamilton has also said that he expects to file for free agency.

This filing is still expected to happen and wouldn’t necessarily mark the end of Hamilton’s career in Texas.  If talks drag on through the year, the Rangers are expected to maintain negotiations with Hamilton into the offseason.

Hamilton’s main goal is for his contract situation to not become a distraction this summer.  As we all know, that is exactly what will happen if left unresolved.

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