Hello, My Name is….


To the readers of Seedlings to Stars,

Hello friends! My name is Scott E. Keltner and I have been giving the wonderful opportunity by Wally to take over as the editor of this wonderful site.  I am grateful for this chance to provide great content to a great website. I am a month away from graduating from Minnesota State University with a B.S. of Sport Management and a Minor in Marketing. For the past four seasons I have worked with a AAA baseball team as a Clubhouse Assistant and/or Bat Boy. It has given me a place to enhance my knowledge of baseball and love of prospects, while collecting a  paycheck as well. It is a dream, I have fun at my job and I feel blessed to be one of the few people who is able to say that.

I’m taking over for a great editor in Nathaniel Stoltz whose work was incredible during his time here at Seedlings to Stars. My goal is to make the transition from Nathaniel to myself seamless for you as the reader. This transition is easier said than done, but the fun part about the prospect industry is that everyone has their own opinions. I did a Top 100 of my own in the off-season and it greatly differs from the one Nathaniel spearheaded for this site. His #5 prospect Tyler Skaggs was rated 25th overall in my personal rankings. So no matter how hard I work, I will never perfectly replace Nathaniel, nor will I try.

I will try to bring you content that is both in depth and well informed. I like to form most of my opinions via watching prospects in person. I live in the heart of the Midwest and I’m lucky enough to have 8 minor league teams within a reasonable drive of my home. This allows me to see prospects beyond the box score. Don’t get me wrong, I love statistics, but the best way in my opinion to grade a prospect is to watch him play and see the skills with your own two eyes. Box scores and statistics can paint a basic outline of the player, but seeing the tools live paint a clearer picture for everyone. I am a big believer in SABR statistics as well and love the fact that they are becoming more readily adopted by everyone from front offices to casual fans.

Overall I am excited to get started on this journey and will do my best to provide daily content during the next four weeks while I’m polishing off my final semester. I can guarantee that come May 7th there will be daily content that you as the reader will hopefully find insightful. If there are any topics you would like to hear about or a specific prospect, please tell me. I am very active on twitter, @ScottKeltnerS2S , send me a tweet and I will more than likely respond to you and potentially write about your suggested topic.

I thank you for your patience in this transition and will do my best to make it up to you with regular, quality, and informative articles regarding prospects and minor league baseball.

Best Regards,

Scott E. Keltner


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