Robinson Cano, Matt Kemp Announce Home Run Derby Teams


This will be the second year in which Home Run Derby captains from each league were allowed to hand-pick

the participants in the Derby.  Last season Prince Fielder and David Ortiz made the selections.  This year, Robinson Cano and Matt Kemp did the picking.

Cano’s American League Home Run Derby team is:

Jose Bautista (27 HR)
Prince Fielder (12 HR)
Mark Trumbo (20 HR)
Robinson Cano (20 HR)

Kemp’s National League Home Run Derby team is:

Giancarlo Stanton (19 HR)
Carlos Beltran (20 HR)
Carlos Gonzalez (17 HR)
Matt Kemp (12 HR)

Just from the perspective of the number of home runs already hit in the regular season, it would seem the American League would have the advantage.  However, the beauty of the Home Run Derby is simply not knowing how a player will perform when they step in to essentially take batting practice in front of 40,000 fans.

Prince Fielder won last year for the National League and will be trying to be the first player to repeat in both leagues.  This will be the first Derby appearance for Trumbo, Gonzalez, Stanton, Cano, and Kemp.

The Home Run Derby will be broadcast July 9th on ESPN at 8 ET.

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