MLB Trade Rumors: San Francisco Giants Need More Pitching


It seems ridiculous to suggest the San Francisco Giants, the team built on pitching, needs more pitching help.

But they do.  Tim Lincecum has become a hinderance to their success.  He is literally keeping the Giants from building on their lead in the National League West, and whether a deal involves him or not, the team needs to find pitching help.

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, in his column today, said the Giants have the talent to win the West despite Tim Lincecum’s inability to contribute.

"The Giants are talented enough to win the division without Lincecum. If Tuesday’s performance told them anything, it’s that they had better plan on doing it. The non-waiver trade deadline is less than one month away, and it’s time for general manager Brian Sabean to scour the market for a starting pitcher — if he hasn’t done so already."

However, Lincecum is holding them back.  The Giants surely can win the division without Lincecum.  They just may not be able to do it with him.  If Lincecum continues on the path he’s currently on, he will cost the Giants upwards of 2 games.  He’s currently worth -1.7 wins in the WAR column.

The Giants are tied with the Dodgers for first place with the Dodgers yet to play today.  They could find themselves in second place should the Dodgers win today, and they can thank Tim Lincecum in part for that fall.  Lincecum gave up eight runs on Tuesday night.  He has given up 66 runs and 9 home runs already this year.  His ERA is a career-high 6.08.  He’s not pulling out of this funk.  There could be an injury that no one knows about, which makes the possibility of a trade for starting pitching help all the more important to the Giants.

With names like Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, Shawn Marcum, Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels, and others on the market, the Giants have plenty of choices.  They just have to decide what if anything they are willing to give up to help their pitching.  Don’t be surprised if the Giants suddenly jump into the rumor mill on the prowl for pitching help.

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