National League Dominates American League in All-Star Game


The National League got smoked in interleague play again this season. From that point, the analysts made

sure to point out how much better the American League was than the National League, but for the third straight year, the NL took care of the AL and earned home field advantage in the World Series. After a rough start by Justin Verlander, the American League quickly found itself in a hole, and they never recovered. The NL took the game 8-0.

In the top of the first, the National League jumped out to a 1-0 lead, but before the inning was over they were leading 5-0. The National League dominated and was really only threatened once.

Ryan Braun got things started in the first with an RBI doubled. Melky Cabrera scored the game’s first run, but he would do more damage later. Pablo Sandoval later tripled in the inning, driving in three. Finally, Dan Uggla reached on an error, and Sandoval came around to score the fifth run. For those upset by the Giants’ fans ballot-stuffing ways, three of the five first inning runs for the NL were scored by Giants players. four of the five RBI were credited to Giants players in the first as well.

In the fourth inning, the NL looked to give themselves some insurance runs. After a Matt Holliday single, Melky Cabrera homered. For those keeping score at home, that’s two runs scored for Cabrera and now two RBI. Going further, that’s a total of four runs scored by Giants’ players and six RBI by Giants players.

National League pitching continued to shutdown the American League throughout the rest of the game. Only one NL pitcher gave up more than one hit, and that was Clayton Kershaw in the fifth. However, he was able to pitch around it. R.A. Dickey made his firsth All-Star Game appearance, gave up a hit, hit Paul Konerko, and struck out a batter. But he didn’t allow a run, and fans got to see his knuckleball dance around like a butterfly caught in a wind storm.

The young guns didn’t factor into the game too much. Mark Trumbo was 0-for-2. Mike Trout was 1-for-1. Bryce Harper walked and tagged from first on a flyball to left which was exciting. However, it was Melky Cabrera who stole the show.

Cabrera, a former Kansas City Royal, won the All-Star Game MVP. He finished the game 2-for-3 with two runs scored and two RBI. His performance was special because he was able to come back to the the city where he got his Major League start. He was able to perform in front of the very fans who had once had big dreams about what he may be. Unfortunately for those fans, Cabrera has developed into that player with another team.

With the win, the National League team advancing to the World Series will have home field advantage. It is the third straight All-Star Game victory for the NL after the American League won the last seven straight.