MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers Interested in Jimmy Rollins


Another day, another rumor.  The fun of July is not just in the All-Star Game or the start to scoreboard

watching and pennant races.  No, the fun is in the trade talks.  Rumors fly from every team it seems.  The Dodgers are no different.  With their surprising success, Los Angeles has been looking to pick up some players to help push them through the summer and into the play-offs.

According to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports, the Dodgers are interested in Jimmy Rollins.  The Phillies’ shortstop was a free agent last year, but he didn’t get much interest from west coast teams and ultimately signed back with the Phillies.  However, the Dodgers are now in a position of need.

Knobler says the Dodgers are trying to trade for a hitter and a starting pitcher.  We already know they went after Carlos Lee.  We also know they have expressed interest in players like Cole Hamels, Carlos Quentin, Chase Headley, Matt Garza, and Zack Greinke.  Now we can add Jimmy Rollins to that list.  Rollins, as Knobler points out, has full no-trade clause protection.  He is a 10-5 player (ten years in the league, five with the same team), and that give him automatic no-trade clause protection.

Rollins is signed to a three-year, $33 million contract.  He also has a fourth year vesting option that if it kicks in is worth another $11 million.  For the vesting option to kick in, Rollins would need 600 plate appearances in 2014 or 1,100 PAs in 2013-14 and Rollins is not on disabled list at end of 2014 season (or if he is on the DL, a mutually agreed upon doctor deems him available for 2015 Opening Day roster).

So far this year, Rollins is hitting .262/.317/.421.  As it stands now, his offense is slightly below average based on his 99 OPS+.  However, the Dodgers are looking for someone to replace the hole left by Dee Gordon‘s injury – not to mention the fact that Dee Gordon’s offense has been atrocious this year.  Rollins is a three-time All-Star, he won the National League MVP in 2007, and has three Gold Gloves.  He would be an improvement for the Dodgers’ middle infield.

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