Pete Rose May Get Reality Show


Can you imagine it?  Pete Rose on your television, brash as ever, confident as ever, and loud as ever.  TLC is

working on a reality show that would involve Pete Rose and his wife, according to Associated Press and Entertainment Weekly reports.

The details of the show have not yet been released, but Rose told Entertainment Weekly that the show would be “funny, entertaining, and real.”

Pete Rose is banned from baseball, but that hasn’t stopped the entire baseball world from understanding and recognizing his performance as a player.  He may not be in the Hall of Fame, but everyone knows he is the all-time hits leader.  He may not be in the Hall of Fame, but everyone knows he was the league’s Rookie of the Year, MVP, and went to multiple All-Star Games throughout his career (17 to be exact).  However, he was caught betting on baseball and was given a lifetime ban from the game.

Rose is not permitted to attend functions at ballgames celebrating his career or his teams.  He is not permitted to attend Hall of Fame ceremonies.  He essentially cannot be an ambassador of the game.  But he can have his own reality TV show.  They can’t take that away from him.