Matt Garza fell off the radar for a short - and I mean Matt Garza fell off the radar for a short - and I mean

Matt Garza Rumors


Matt Garza fell off the radar for a short – and I mean short – period of time as the Cubs focused on moving

Ryan Dempster.  However, his name has resurfaced in additional rumors.  Here is the most recent:

  • According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago, the Dodgers have turned their focus to Matt Garza after they failed to acquire Ryan Dempster.  The Cubs are looking for prospects the Dodgers weren’t willing to part with in exchange for Dempster.  However, they may be willing to give the Cubs what they want for Garza.  Garza is younger, and has one additional year on his contract.
  • Despite rumors that Garza had been traded yesterday, R.B. Fallstrom of the Associated Press reported the early exit from the game was due to cramping.  After tossing three scoreless innings, Garza was removed from the game with cramping in his triceps.  “If that’s what they thought,” Garza said of the rumors, “it’ll take a lot more to pull me out of that game than a trade. They’re going to have to wait ’till I’m done.”
  • Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says pitchers like Matt Garza will cost the acquiring team a lot.  He explained that the sheer number of teams in play-off contention will drive the trade prices up.  “Some of the demands out there are ludicrous,” said one NL adviser. “We asked about a lefty pitcher and they asked us for our best pitching, best hitting, and a couple of other established players. I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ That’s why I’m thinking despite all the talking, I’m not sure much is going to get done.”
  • Despite rumors of their rumored interest in Garza, among others, Jerry Green of the Detroit News thinks the Tigers should stand pat.  He says the Tigers will probably make a move, but it won’t be one the public expects.  Green referenced the 2011 deal for Doug Fister and the 2010 deal for Jhonny Peralta.  Both were moves with limited, if any, trade rumor links.