Miami Marlins May Wait Until the Offseason to Deal Josh Johnson


It’s almost like the Miami Marlins won the World Series last year.  Isn’t that how it works there?  Win big,

then sell off?  The only problem is this fire sale is happening in the middle of a season – the first season as the new Miami Marlins, in the new ballpark, with the new faces.  Expected to be part of that fire sale is Josh Johnson.  However, he may not be dealt until after the season’s conclusion.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says teams that have checked in on Johnson feel the Marlins will only move him before the deadline if they get a top-of-the-line return.  If they can’t get a big haul, they will wait until the offseason.

This may be the case, and probably should be the case, but rational thinking does not seem to emanate from the Marlins’ front office.  Johnson is a free agent after next season.  The Marlins, if they are truly set on dealing Johnson, can wait until the offseason or even next year’s deadline.  However, they should really be looking at another long-term extension.  Johnson is currently making $13.75 million this year, and he will make the same next year.  With his struggles so far this season, the Marlins may be able to convince him and his agent to sign on for multiple years without increasing the per-year cost significantly.

If Miami is going to compete at any point in the near future, they need a pitching staff that includes players like Josh Johnson.  However, it seems they will not have said staff.  Instead, Johnson will likely be dealt.  It just might not be this week.  It may be in the offseason.

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