MLB Trade Rumors: Josh Beckett on the Market?


The Red Sox are in trouble this year.  They are only one game under .500, but they haven’t been a threat for

most of the season.  They are not even truly in the Wild Card discussion at this point.  With that being said, some changes need to be made.  One of those changes could include Josh Beckett being shipped out.

According to Chris Cwik of CBS Sports and WEEI’s Rob Bradford, the Sox are listening to calls on Beckett.  There is nothing forming in the way of a concrete trade offer yet, but Boston is willing to deal him if they get the right package in return.

Because of Beckett’s salary, there are few teams who could truly pull off a deal for him.  However, teams that could include the Rangers, the Dodgers, and the White Sox.  This is not to say that those teams have been rumored to be interested in Beckett, but from a financial flexibility standpoint, they could take on Beckett’s $15.75 million/year contract.

Beckett is not a free agent until after the 2014 season, so if a team pursues him and can afford the contract, they will at least have him for two and a half years.

Beckett has an unsightly 4.57 ERA in 17 starts this season and has been sidelined by the occasional injury.  However, as our own Spencer Hendricks points out, there are certain players who are just unlucky.  This season, Beckett may be one of those players.  His FIP is a full run lower than his ERA at 3.52.  His BABIP is .299 when over his career he has held batter to a .290 BABIP.  Finally, he is stranding runners on base at a clip 5% less than his career average and 14% less than last season.

Beckett has value.  It’s just a matter of whether a team is willing to pull the trigger, give up the young talent, and pay the contract.

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