Francisco Liriano Traded to Chicago White Sox


According to most, the White Sox were actively pursuing Zack Greinke.  However, when the Angels got him, Kenny Williams, White Sox GM, fell back to his back-up plan; Francisco Liriano.

The Minnesota Twins agreed late Saturday to trade Liriano to the Twins for Edurado Escobar and Pedro

Hernandez.  Escobar has played a grand total of 44 Major League game.  He owns a career .202/.276/.247 line.  In the minors, Escobar, who plays shortstop and second base, compiled a .270/.315/.351 line.  Hernandez has pitched four Major League innings, and he got shelled.  He gave up 12 hits and eight runs.  In six minor league seasons, Hernandez owns a 3.48 ERA.

The White Sox are getting a proven closer with injury problems in Liriano.  He was an All-Star in 2006 and finished 11th in Cy Young voting in 2010.  However, in 2006, Liriano was forced to undergo Tommy John surgery.  He missed the entire 2007 season.  He was one of the most promising young pitchers in the game at the time.  While he’s been able to make a full recovery, Liriano has never regained that full dominance he once showed before the surgery.

In his career, Liriano has a combined record of 50-52 and an ERA of 4.33.  His FIP f 3.69, though, may be more indicative of the pitcher he may be with a solid defense behind him.  His K/9 ratio is at its highest mark since 2006 at 9.81.  But his command is off.  Liriano is walking almost five batters per nine innings.

The White Sox, currently with a 2.5 game lead over the Tigers, hope Liriano can help bolster a starting rotation that include Chris Sale and Jake Peavy.  Both Sale and Peavy were All-Stars this year.

The Twins, in full-on rebuilding mode, hope Escobar and Hernandez can develop into true Major League talent.  They’ve yet to show much of anything on the big league level or even on the minor league level.  Escobar figures to be a utility player, but not an every day infielder.  Hernandez was a cast-off from the Padres in the Carlos Quentin deal – which looks better for the Sox now when you factor in Liriano’s addition as a direct result of moving Hernandez.

With Liriano in the rotation, the White Sox become and even bigger force for the the Tigers.  First-year manager Robin Ventura has  formidable three-headed monster in his starting rotation to help the Sox stave off the streaky Tigers.

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