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MLB Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee on the Market


It seems like a yearly thing.  Cliff Leeperforms well and earns himself a spot on the trading block.  Granted,

he’s now been with the Phillies for two seasons, his longest tenure with a club since he left Cleveland in the middle of the 2009 season.  Once again, though, reports are indicating Lee is available.  With Cole Hamels locked up to a long-term deal, Lee has been made available to teams for the right price says ESPN’s Jayson Stark.

Lee, who has struggled in the wins column this year, has a 3.95 ERA, a 3.41 FIP, and a 3.14 xFIP.  He’s been better than his 1-6 record would indicate.  Stark says the Rangers were in the mix, but that move is not going to happen.  Remember, Lee was a member of the Rangers in 2010 for half the season as the club made its way to the World Series.

Any deal involving Lee will cost the acquiring team quite a bit.  The Phillies have Lee for the next three and a half years with an option for 2016.  He could be a long-term solution for some team out there if they are willing to part with high-class prospects.

The Phillies are struggling this year.  They are in last place and 12 games under .500.  Their hopes of competing this season faded weeks ago.  Now, they are focused on re-tooling their ball club for the future.

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