MLB Uniform Power Rankings: Part 2


Time for part 2 of my MLB Jersey Power Rankings on CTTP. Part 1 can be found here. Part 3 will be posted on Monday.

20. Milwaukee Brewers- Another classic case of having one too many jerseys. 3 alternates makes for a lot of jerseys,and at least one of them should be scrapped. I love the pinstripes jersey, as it’s very different than the normal outfits this team usually wears, and it adds a nice retro look for a few games a year. The navy alternate that says “Milwaukee” across the front is the jersey that I would scrap, mainly because I don’t like how the Brewer lettering looks in “Milwaukee”. It’s much nicer when it says “Brewers” like the Home/Road and 1st alternates do. Another key piece that I love is the back pockets on the pants. Perfect for players who want to keep a nice syringe full of synthetic testosterone just in case you feel the need to “juice” during the game. Cough…Ryan Braun…Cough Cough

19. Tampa Bay Rays- Clean. Sleek. Nice logo. All 4 of the Rays’ jerseys are average in my opinion. They do feature my pet peeve when it comes to jerseys which are the two lines down the middle, and that’s why they rank just before the bottom third. Fernando Rodney ruins the hat by wearing it how he does, doesn’t he?

18. Arizona Diamondbacks- The Arizona uniforms are the epitome of solid. I don’t like the black alternates, but I don’t think anybody really does. I don’t understand why ESPN hates them so much as they ranked them 28th. This is what Paul Lukas had to say about them from ESPN.

"“How to look like a minor league team: 1. Wear your nickname, instead of your full team name, on your chest. 2. Render the nickname in digital lettering that’s difficult to decipher. 3. While you’re at it, render your road insignia in a mix of upper- and lowercase lettering. 4. Add lots of black elements, just because.”"

  1. I would love to see ESPN make a jersey look nice while sticking the word “Diamondbacks” on it. Good luck.
  2. The lettering isn’t difficult to decipher it all. You just need a pair of working eyes. I recommended that Paul Lukas goes and gets his eyes checked.
  3. I agree. Stick to lower case or capitals. Mixing is annoying and hurts the beauty of the jersey.
  4. The only black element in the jersey is the outline of the lettering. Nice Paul, nice.

17. New York Mets-Seriously New York? You need to have pinstripes just because the Yankees do? The Mets home jersey (yes, it has pinstripes) is better suited to be an alternate, especially because of how nice the current white alternate is.  Nobody likes black jerseys, especially people who have had to watch the Blue Jays play in them for so long, so, like so many teams before them, the black alternates need to be thrown out. Instead, maybe they should try a blue/orange jersey. You never know, they could make it nice. I didn’t really dislike the old blue one that much.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates- I hate agreeing with ESPN, but the black jersey does need to go. Yes, I am on a mission to rid the MLB of black jerseys, they just aren’t nice. The Pirates uniforms are very plain, but the lettering is amazing, and that’s why they are ranked so high here. As long as they are modernized, I am all for bringing back the old yellow jerseys. If the can finish over .500, why can’t they look good doing it?

15. Boston Red Sox- The white Red Sox jerseys are baseball. Just perfect. They make the lines down the middle work because the lettering doesn’t interfere with it. If only something could be done to give the road greys some flare, and the navy blues could never be worn again. Then the Red Sox might not have so many problems. One rule with the Red Sox that should be put into effect in my opinion is that at all home games when they are wearing those white jerseys, all players should be wearing high red socks. It just makes perfection look so much more perfect.

14. Seattle Mariners-Honestly, I have no better way of describing these jerseys then what Paul Lukas of ESPN wrote.

"“Sometimes there’s a uniform (or a band, or a movie, or a book, or a building, or whatever) that’s pretty good, but it’s pretty good in a completely unremarkable way that resists superlatives. So you just end up saying, “Yup, it’s pretty good.” This is that uniform.”"

13. Atlanta Braves- Another case of having too many alternates. The navy, which is the #1 alternate, has to go. The red jersey is amazing, and the cream jersey is a brilliant classic look. I don’t like the gray jersey here either, so if the Braves can get their road color not to be grey, and make it red, oh, it would be fantastic. Also, get those lines out of the jersey, please.

12. Washington Nationals- Aside from using the “Walgreens” logo as their own, the Nationals have really nice jerseys. I would get rid of the blue alternate with the “American W”, unless it is worn only on the American Holidays. One thing I don’t understand is why, when the Nationals came to Toronto this year, they didn’t wear Expos jerseys. It would be so awesome to see a game between the Jays and Expos one more time, even if it was the Nationals actually playing.

11. Los Angeles Angels-Gorgeous. When watching Angels games you don’t even care about the uniforms because you get to see Mike Trout play, but the Halos give you a double whammy. I’m not such a fan of the road grays, but the home white and alternate red are just spectacular. The lettering on the red isn’t too good, but the overall design of the rest of the jersey makes it awesome.

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